Forward-Thinking Dindu Shoots White Man 10 Times as a Preemptive Measure

Isiah Ferguson.

Now this is what I call ingenious: kill an evil white oppressor before he has a chance to do a virulent racism on you!


Prosecutors are charging a 23-year-old Kansas City man in connection with a killing Tuesday morning in south Kansas City.

Isiah J. Ferguson faces first-degree murder and armed criminal action.

According to court documents, Kansas City officers responded to a shooting near 75th and Washington just before 1 a.m. They were directed to an apartment where they found the victim, identified as 20-year-old Samuel B. Cummins, suffering from gunshot wounds at Rediscover, a ReStart housing service for transitioning young adults.

The person who reported the shooting told police he had observed on his video surveillance system a man walk to the door of the victim’s apartment and knock. When the victim opened the door, it appeared Ferguson shot him with a handgun. The victim was found at the apartment door.

None of the people living in the apartment complex witnessed the incident, however, several described hearing loud noises or gunshots.

Police identified Ferguson as the suspect and took him into custody.

Ferguson told detectives he knocked on Cummins door and told him to step to the side after he opened it. When he did, Ferguson said he shot him 10 times.

When asked what his suspicions of Cummins were, Ferguson stated: “get him before he get me.”

The suspect told detectives he had been having “suspicions” about Cummins, and that he came to Ferguson’s apartment a few months ago and told him he was being too loud.

Samuel Cummins (to be fair, he did look like he was up to something).