Four-Eyed Dweeb Mike Johnson Says “Antisemitism is a Virus”

Mike Johnson is a virus.

No, no.

Viruses are not real and Mike Johnson is very real.

Mike Johnson is a brain-eating bacteria.

New York Post:

House Speaker Mike Johnson said Tuesday that he “encouraged” President Biden to see the “virus” of antisemitism at Columbia University firsthand after Johnson visited Morningside Heights with his GOP colleagues last week.

“After we left the campus, I made a call to senior policy advisers in the White House,” Johnson (R-La.) told reporters on Capitol Hill. “The president was on the road, as I was, and we did not connect immediately, but I’ve encouraged him to go and see it for himself.”

Johnson revealed his plea to Biden as House Republicans announced a chamber-wide crackdown on antisemitism headed up by committee leaders, declaring that they would hold university leaders, administration officials and donors accountable for a surge in public Jew-hatred on campus.

Antisemitism is a virus, and because the administration and woke university presidents aren’t stepping in, we’re seeing it spread,” Johnson added. “We have to act.”

In his first speech as Speaker of the House, this four-eyed dweeb got up and said his main priority was to help Israel.

How is this acceptable to any American?

At least some of the protesters on campus are Americans.

Shouldn’t we be supporting them before a foreign state, on principle?

Johnson is saying Biden needs to do more to silence freedom of speech in America.

Is that what America needs? Less freedom of speech?

Joe Biden already became the first president since Nixon to denounce student protests. What does Johnson want him to do? The president doesn’t control the National Guard. It’s illegal to send in the regular military.

What are they demanding Biden do?

Nothing. This is a total hoax. All the Republicans are doing is trying to frame it as though they are fighting Biden by calling for an end to freedom of speech. Biden agrees with them completely on this issue, but they can get their own people to denounce freedom of speech if they think Biden supports it.