France: 14-Year-Old Girl Dies of Heart Attack After Stabbing Near Her School

It looks like the vax was more dangerous than the terrorist!


Poor bitch!


A 14-year-old girl has died of a heart attack in eastern France after her school locked down to protect itself from a knife attacker who lightly wounded two other girls, an official said on Friday.

The teenager “was rescued by teachers who were very fast to call the fire department. She died at the end of the afternoon,” education official Olivier Faron said.

The girl’s middle school in the village of Souffelweyersheim closed its doors on Thursday afternoon after a man stabbed two other girls aged 7 and 11 outside a nearby primary facility.

People randomly stabbing kids is also a thing that has always happened

“Sadly this pupil underwent an episode of very high stress that led to a heart attack,” Faron said.

Police have arrested the 30-year-old assailant, and a probe has been opened into “attempted murder of minors”, the prosecutor’s office said.

It was not immediately clear what had motivated him, but he was “psychologically fragile” and it did not appear to be “a terrorist act”, it said.

Oh, okay.

He wasn’t a terrorist, and she didn’t die of the vax.


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