Paris: Pro-Genocide Protesters Wrapped in Israeli Flags Harass Students Calling for Ceasefire

The French are apparently less inclined than the Americans to unleash the full force of the police on peaceful protesters.

So, the Jews are taking things into their own hands.


Tensions flared in front of Paris’ prestigious Sciences Po university over the war in Gaza on Friday as pro-Israeli protesters came to challenge pro-Palestinian students occupying the building.

Police moved in to keep the two groups apart.

Chanting their support for the Palestinians, some students had been occupying a Sciences Po building since the night, displaying Palestinian flags at windows and over the entrance.

Later in the day, pro-Israel protesters, some wrapped in Israeli or French flags, walked to the building in protest.

I do not think the Jews have the stomach for a real street war against the Arabs.

Most likely, the French government will capitulate to Jewish demands, and send in the cops to fight these Palestine supporters.