France: Constitutional Court Waters Down “Hardline” Immigration Bill

The majority of the French, and probably most of the immigrants as well, think immigration needs to be shut down.

But of course, France is a democracy, so a tiny minority of Jewish influencers in the court system are able to totally override the masses and force immigrants down their throats.

You might think that democracy seems very unfair, given that the people have no say in how the country is governed, but you have to understand: democracy is who we are, because of our values in a democracy.

Therefore, we don’t have any choice but to just lay down and take it as the Jews force things on us against our will.


Hardline measures to restrict rights and access to benefits for immigrants are incompatible with the French constitution and must be scrapped, the country’s top constitutional court ruled on Thursday.

The Constitutional Council was reviewing the new immigration bill passed by French lawmakers last month. The legislation was eventually passed with the help of right-wing MPs after significant amendments were tabled by the National Rally to toughen up the law.

The court essentially watered down the bill, returning it to the unedited state proposed by Emmanuel Macron’s governing party, which hardline conservatives considered to be too lightweight.

The current president of the Conseil constitutionnel, Laurent Fabius, just happens to be a Jew

In doing so, it annulled some of the more radical amendments — 32 articles in total out of 86 — including restrictions on family reunification and student residency permits, stricter criteria for migrants seeking to access welfare benefits, and a clause formally making it a criminal offense to reside in France without the appropriate documentation.

“The Constitutional Council has green-lit the government’s original bill,” Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin, remarked on Thursday. “Never has a law provided so many means for expelling delinquents and so many obligations to integrate newcomers,” he added.

Conservatives, however, who initially helped the bill to pass were incensed.

Women and non-whites protested the bill

Marine Le Pen, a former presidential candidate and parliamentary leader of the National Rally, accused the top constitutional court of “censoring” large swathes of the bill and that what remains of the legislation “does not make it possible to protect the French from uncontrolled immigration.”

“The French will therefore continue to suffer the migratory madness which is doing so much harm to France, to which the few measures remaining in the text will change nothing,” she wrote in a press release.

The court is highly politicized, comprising primarily previous high-ranking politicians of France’s mainstream parties. Its president, Laurent Fabius, is a former French prime minister and member of the Socialist Party. Other members include Jacqueline Gourault of the liberal Democratic Movement, Jacques Mézard of the Radical Party of the Left, and Alain Juppé, another former French prime minister of the liberal-conservative Republicans who was sentenced to an 18-month suspended prison sentence in 2004 after being found guilty of misuse of public funds.

This politicization of the court was even highlighted by The Republicans President Éric Ciotti, who accused the council of judging “in politics rather than in law.”

It’s just absurd.

Some people still claim that democracy means “government by the people.”

But then you get “government by representatives, who don’t have any obligation to the people.”

But then if the representatives do something the people want, oh sorry, actually the court system says they can’t do that.

It’s not only not “government by the people,” it is the system of government where the people have less influence than in any other system of government, ever, in all of human history.

That is to say: “democracy is Jewish.”