Catholic University Invites “Abortion Doula” to Teach Students About “Pregnant Men”

Rachel Carbonneau, abortion doula

It just keeps getting worse.

The Pope should really… oh, wait.

Never mind.

Life Site News:

One of United States’ most recognizable institutions of Catholic learning has egg on its face after a self-described pro-LGBT “abortion doula” spoke at one of its classes apparently without authorization.

Last week, The Daily Signal reported that Rachel Carbonneau was invited to a Lifespan Development course at Catholic University of America (CUA) in Washington, D.C. Carbonneau, who was an English lecturer at the school in the mid 2000s, is the founder of Family Ways, an LGBT-affirming doula company.

A “doula” is a medical professional who assists pregnant women before, during, and after the birthing process. An “abortion doula” is someone who provides support to women who have chosen to end the life of their unborn child.

Among the topics Carbonneau discussed were her past experiences helping “transgender men.”

“I have some men who have given birth; it’s amazing, we call it seahorse birth. It’s lovely, especially when it’s a water birth,” Carbonneau said in a recording reportedly obtained by The Daily Signal.

Carbonneau, who also practices Japanese Reiki healing, was invited to the course by Psychology department lecturer Melissa Goldberg. Students told The Daily Signal that Carbonneau repeatedly spoke about abortion and used the term “pregnant people.”

Melissa Goldberg, huh?

For some reason, that name really stands out.

Speaking of things that stand out, did you guys know Reiki healing is a scam?

There are no Reiki “healing centers” in Japan outside of areas that get lots of white tourists.

The people who do it, who are almost entirely white women, claim it’s some kind of ancient Japanese tradition, when in fact it was invented by a Japanese guy around the year 1900 just to con stupid people out of their money.

These broads get online certificates in a few weeks that cost next to nothing, then prey on people with cancer and other serious illnesses, charging them hundreds of dollars per session.

And they’re doing it in real hospitals, not New Age massage parlors.

It’s really sick, and wouldn’t be allowed in a healthy society.

“It’s not my business as a doula or a human being to pass judgment on how anybody else chooses to live their life,” she reportedly said, in contradiction to Catholic teaching on the sanctity of life.

Carbonneau’s use of the term “seahorse birth” is a reference to how male seahorses carry their offspring in their pouches. The LGBT industry has co-opted the term and uses it to describe gender-confused women who say they are men but give birth later on.

CUA issued a statement to The Daily Signal announcing that it was “appalled” to learn about Carbonneau’s remarks and that she would not be allowed to speak to classes again. “We are re-communicating the terms and expectations by which all outside speakers are vetted and invited,” they said.

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