France: Man Sticks Knife in Cotton Canvas with Stripes on It

Daily Stormer
September 16, 2019

Us goyim are too stupid to understand why this is a masterpiece

Someone cut a piece of cloth with some bars on it.

This is international news.

The Local:

An attacker wielding a utility knife has badly damaged a work by the celebrated French conceptual artist Daniel Buren at the Pompidou Centre in central Paris, the museum said on Friday.

The work, “Peinture [Manifestation 3]”, suffered “serious deliberate damage” in Thursday afternoon’s attack by the man, the museum said in a statement.

It said that a museum attendant alerted security, and video cameras allowed the rapid finding of the suspect. “He made no claim (over the attack) and was handed over to the police,” it said.

Celebrated by whom, exactly?

Who are the people that look at these retarded, low-effort pieces of shit and “celebrate” them?

I wanna meet one of these creatures for myself so it can tell me why putting some bars on something is “art.”

But where can I find one?

The artist, 81, has been informed of the incident and the work itself transferred to the stores of the Pompidou Centre to estimate the damage and restoration needed.

It will be replaced on public display by another work from the artist.

It’s a cotton canvas with bars on it.

Just make another one, it should take literally 5 minutes, maybe less.

Are you under the impression someone’s gonna notice or something?

These people are seriously mentally ill, because I can’t imagine someone capable of faking insanity like this.

The Pompidou Centre said it understood the suspect was no longer in detention and had been transferred to a psychiatric unit.

No, the people who think this is “art” are the ones who should go to the psychiatric unit.

That guy is perfectly sane, possibly the last sane human being in a 10-kilometer radius of that museum.

“Peinture [Manifestation 3]” was created by Buren in 1967 and shows red and white stripes. It was purchased for the museum’s collection in 1986.

Buren is perhaps best known for the succession of black-and-white columns he inlaid into the inner courtyard of the Palais Royal complex in central Paris in a hugely controversial installation that opened in 1986.

So that’s his magnum opus, huh?

Literally everybody is insane.

You know, I have a pair of old pajamas that looks kinda like that.

I’m gonna put them on, take a selfie, and then try to sell the picture to a museum for a couple of million dollars.

I think I’m gonna call it Peinture [Manifestation 3] Redux: l’homme devient l’art.

I’m gonna donate half of what I get to the DS, then I’m gonna drink myself to death with the rest because really, what else can a real artist do in an age where nobody even understands what art is anymore?