France: Plan to Double Islamic College Courses to Stop Moslems from Doing Terrorism

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 9, 2015

Hey Valls, if you love Islam so much, why don't you marry a 6-year-old?
Hey Valls, you bugeyed whackjob – if you love Islam so much, why don’t you marry a 6-year-old?

Does your country have a problem with Islam Snackbars killing people?  Well, we’ve got the solution: more Islam.

France has decided that the best way to fight Islamic extremism is with Islamic non-extremism.  They don’t seem to grasp that there is actually no such thing, because unlike Christians, Moslems literally believe that their holy book is the actual word of their god and cannot be questioned.  There is also the issue that there really aren’t multiple interpretations of the Koran in the way there are multiple interpretations of the Christian Bible.

No one is clear on why this is something that is difficult to understand.  But I guess to admit it would be to admit that the multicultural experiment has been the worst failure of anything ever in history.

France 24:

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls on Tuesday announced that the state would finance double the number of university courses on Islam in a bid to stop the influence of foreign funding of training of French imams.

In a speech in the eastern French city of Strasbourg, Valls said that improving home-grown Islamic education was essential to defeating the ignorance that makes “Islamist extremism and the far right feed off each other”.

The Socialist government is also worried about the increasing popularity of the anti-immigration and anti-Europe National Front party, which is coming top of the polls ahead of regional elections due to take place later this month.

“The rise of far-right populist politics, in Europe as well as in our own country, feeds directly off the rise of jihadism, terrorism and radical extremism,” he said. “It is a situation that puts our democracy, our society and our capacity to live together in extreme jeopardy.”

Interestingly, there is probably not a single person who can disagree with that statement.

Valls said he wanted more imams and other religious figures, such as prison chaplains, who have been trained abroad to “undergo more training in France, to speak French fluently and to understand the concept of secularism” that is a core pillar of French Republican values.

At what point does it become ridiculous to keep saying this? I had thought, for certain, it would be ridiculous by now. Nothing at all is changing about the Moslem mind. If anything, it is getting more extreme as the years go by. And nothing is changing about the European rhetoric about the Moslem mind, even as Moslems continue to behave exactly like Moslems.

There must be some type of threshold we will cross – I would think in the near future – when no one can say “we have to teach these Moslems to accept and respect our liberal secular values” without cracking up laughing.

There are currently six universities in France offering courses in Islamic studies and theology. Valls said he wanted to double that number to 12 and that the courses would be free.

“The only response to the dangers that we face is the French Republic,” Valls said. “This means the acceptance of the secular state, improving education, universities, understanding and intelligence.”

“But there will be no laws, decrees or government directives to define what Islam means,” Valls said. “The French state will never attempt to take control of a religion.”

Le facepalm.

What a shame it is that the French never called up a Moslem scholar before importing all these people and asked him “hey, do you think Islam is compatible with European values? Because we’re thinking about importing millions of Moslems into our country to sell drugs and live on welfare, and we just want to make sure there aren’t going to be any problems.” This one phone call could really have saved the country quite a bit of trouble.