France: Senate Passes Law Making It Harder to Chemically Mutilate Children

The “Green” party’s lesbian co-chair was very opposed to this law

For whatever reason, France is never exactly in lockstep with the Americans in the way that every other US subsidiary is.

France is a full US subsidiary. There’s no question about that.

But sometimes they push back.

Having thought about it, I think it’s because they refused to learn English.

Although on this particular issue, even the British are like “yeah, given that we know these drugs lower the IQ and cause cancer and most likely have a lot of other effects that we don’t know about, we might want to just chill on this one.”

But America is trying to force child tranny injections on every country, and I think they’ll eventually succeed in both the UK and France.

Or maybe the whole Anal Empire will collapse, and everything will go back to normal first. Just depends. Anglin claims that 15 years is the outside limit on how much longer the Anal Empire can maintain this level of dominance.

European Conservative:

Following in the footsteps of other European countries, France is laying the foundations for a legislative framework designed to protect children from the onslaught of transgenderism by restricting the use of puberty blockers by minors. However, the law passed remains limited in scope.

The bill was proposed at the initiative of senators from Les Républicains (LR), who were concerned about the scale of the phenomenon of gender dysphoria, leading to extensive medical treatment and causing irreversible damage to children. The vote brought together the LR senators, some of the centrist senators, and the two senators from the Rassemblement National. The Greens attempted to reject the text before examination, but without success.

The four-article text strictly regulates the prescription of puberty blockers to minors. They may only be administered in specialised centres of reference listed by decree, and subject to a minimum delay of two years after the first consultation and “verification by the medical team that there are no contraindications and that the patient is capable of discernment.”

Most or maybe all children will stop wanting to be a tranny after two years, which is why in the US they really rush it.

(It’s not just a Jewish social terrorism thing; these pharma companies make big money on the tranny drugs. They are also now in the process of developing a “detransitioner” industry as well, which obviously maxes out the profit. Any tranny will eventually kill itself – the numbers that say it’s only 40-60% or whatever just don’t include the ones who haven’t killed themselves yet. The way they are keeping the numbers, they would have to all kill themselves on the same day for the number to be 100%. It’s similar to the divorce statistics. Anyway, yeah, they are working on a whole program for “detransitioning,” and after you’ve been on these drugs for even just a few months, your hormone system is going to be so wrecked that you’ll need various other injections for the rest of your life if you want to try to go back to being normal. Then obviously they’ve got the fake tits and cock reconstruction and so on. It’s why the media does stories about detransitioning. Pharma is making it a secondary industry that might end up being more profitable as they are less likely to kill themselves. I mean a lot of them still kill themselves detransitioning because they’re like “holy shit I cut my dick off and destroyed my body forever because I got sucked into a goofy internet fad” – suicide is always wrong, but as reasons go, that is probably the best one.)

However, this is a modified version of the original proposal. Originally, the text purely and simply prohibited the prescription of these puberty blockers to minors. From now on, only hormone treatments and so-called ‘reassignment’ surgery will be prohibited for minors. To trans activists, however, the two-year time limit is tantamount to a ban.

The authorisation with a two-year delay was added at the initiative of the LR senators themselves.

A fierce ideological battle took place in the Senate during the discussions leading up to the vote. The government explained that it was not in favour of this proposed law, insofar as it was based on insufficient scientific evidence and reflected a ‘dogmatic’ approach, in the words of the deputy minister for health. “Everything I heard showed me that we were taking a dogmatic, subjective approach in which scientific or medical arguments were of little importance, and that we needed to score political points,” he explained.

The Left has vigorously attacked the parliamentary committee behind the bill, made up exclusively of members of the LR party. Socialist senator Laurence Rossignol, former minister for families, children, and women’s rights, accused the Right of having a ‘very ideological’ and ‘very civilisational’ approach to the transgender issue. ‘This is Chapter II of the Great Replacement’, she denounced. These comments were deemed insulting by Bruno Retailleau, leader of the LR parliamentary group in the Senate, who was keen to point out that many countries are now changing their legislation to limit the damage done to children by transitions carried out too early. The balanced position of the communists in the debate is worth noting: the chair of the communist group recommended abstention, on the grounds that ‘the appeal of progressivism cannot be a political guide’.

Remember that France was also a gay marriage resister.

I have some small bit of hope for the French.

Anglin’s number one pick for “Anal Subsidiary Uprising Zone Phase One” is Ireland and his second is Poland.

Maybe France is number three?

Don’t worry, French parents are just gonna buy them illegally, like in Britain