Washington: Town to Organize Pride Catwalk for Toddlers

Marko Liias, a state senator who takes dicks up the ass, will be one of the judges for the event

You might not like it, but some toddlers like to take it up the ass.

You don’t get to decide what toddlers put in their ass. Obese homosexual politicians like Marko Liias get to decide that.

This is a democracy. If you don’t like toddlers taking it up the ass, move to China, fascist.

The Post Millennial:

A taxpayer-funded LGBTQ pride event in Lynnwood, Washington will feature a “kids catwalk,” in which a panel of adults will judge toddlers while they strut down the runway to sexually charged music.

One of the judges is Democrat state Sen. Marko Liias, who is the legislator behind SB 5599, which allows for minors to be taken by the state if their parents don’t allow them to obtain sex change procedures.

This fat homo will take your kids if they’re not gay enough.

Don’t like democracy? Maybe it’s time for you to move to Russia.

Also judging are Democrat Lynnwood City Council Members Josh Binda and Nick Coehlo, and former Democrat State Senator Maralyn Chase, The Center Square reported.

The “Wizard of Oz” themed event is scheduled for June 8 at the Lynnwood Convention Center and will be hosted by Lynnwood Pride in partnership with the City of Lynnwood, just north of Seattle.

“The Fashion Catwalk Contest” will be from 2 to 3 pm and split by different age groups. The kids category is for children between the ages of 2 to 12, according to Lynnwood Pride’s website.

Participants will select a three-minute song of their choice. The list of song choices suggested by Lynnwood Pride are songs that contain sexually charged lyrics. This includes “Texas Hold ‘Em” by Beyonce, “Free Your Mind” by En Vogue, and “Supermodel – You Better Work” by RuPaul.

To receive taxpayer funding for an event, a city spokesperson told The Center Square that it must “provide a public benefit to the community.”

Up to $2,500 in “eligible expenses” (such as event rentals, artist fees, and promotion) will be reimbursed by the city to the organization. However, the organization’s receipted expenses must total $5,000 or more in order to qualify. Additionally, the city is advertising the event on social media and its website.

Just to be clear: Donald Trump was president for four years, and in America, gay toddler sex parades are legal, and the government will take your kids from you if they’re not gay.

It does not appear as if this whole “voting” thing is really bringing good results to the country.

Maybe we should stop voting? 

If you have kids, get the hell out of Washington while you still can