Free Tickets for Purebloods! Anti-Vax NFL Star Cole Beasley Offers to Pay

Finally, there is some kind of a privilege for the pure-blooded!

Of course, we already had the big privilege of NOT DYING…!

The Sun:

NFL star and anti-vaxxer Cole Beasley has offered to buy unvaccinated fans tickets to Bills games away from home.

Wide receiver Beasley, 32, along with side’s long snapper Reid Ferguson, 27, made the gesture after the Buffalo Bills issued a mandate saying proof of vaccination was required to attend games held at Highmark Stadium.

Fans who have refused to get the coronavirus vaccine have been planning to support their team at away games.

But it looks like those fans won’t have to stump up the cash for tickets if Beasley and Ferguson keep their word.

Responding to fan Chris Hauquitz on Twitter, Beasley wrote: “If you find an away game you are able to go to then I will buy the tickets for you guys. DM me names and everything and I’ll figure out the best way to make it happen.”

“I’ve had Covid, so in my opinion, I’ve already got the antibodies,” Hauquitz told the Buffalo News. “I think they’re just as good as the vaccine. The vaccine came out pretty rushed. I don’t really know all the information. In my opinion, there’s so little information out there and it all seems to be one-sided. And then, personally, my religious beliefs. I think God created me for a purpose. He has a plan for my life. And whether I have the vaccine or not, I’m taken care of.”

Hauquitz added that when he got Covid-19, it was his decision to “take a chicken pox approach” and pass it along to his entire family, including his children, who range in age from 23 months to 12 years.

Similarly, Ferguson, also responding to a fan on the social media site, wrote: “I hear you brother. If you can find your way to an away game this year, tix are on me.”

Is “side’s long snapper” a football position?

I feel a little bit gay for not knowing that, but for real I don’t.

It’s really encouraging to see some kind of unvaxed solidarity.

With sports people coming out, and Queen Nicki taking a hard line and threatening to crush all these journalists, it seems that things could well be looking up for the purebloods.