Freedom House Says India is Now Only “Partly Free” Because of Nationalist Leader

There’s a reddit tier news bit going around that Freedom House, a US group that ranks global freedom, has downgraded India from “free” to “partially free” as a result of the nationalism of the country’s current leader. They claim there is “authoritarianism” there now, because of nationalism.

Obviously, the reason India has a nationalist leader is that the West is attempting to agitate conflict with China. It’s not rocket science. They could use their social media influence apparatus to remove this guy at any point.

But when I saw the story, I was curious enough to go look at the 2021 freedom map on the Freedom House website. Sure enough, these people are still claiming that Western countries are “free.”

This is absolute lunacy.

We are literally locked in our houses, our businesses are being destroyed, we’re banned from gathering in public and in private, and we’re being coerced into succumbing to a gene-altering medical procedure – and that is to say nothing of the fact that the internet has been totally censored (in theory) since 2017, and they implemented this theoretical nigh total censorship in 2020.

What you’ll see on that map is that their “freedom” almost totally correlates to the degree of lockdown the people are being forced into – that is to say, the map could pretty much be inverted. None of those purple and yellow African countries have any lockdown at all. China does not have any lockdown at all.

This is not a “freedom map,” it is a democracy map, and as we all know very well, democracy is not even tangentially related to freedom.

They will say “yeah, but you can vote,” and I’m like “well, can I vote for someone who will end the lockdown?” and they’re like “of course, probably.” Then I’m like “well, will the election be rigged,” and they’re like “well, it depends what you mean by ‘rigged.'” And then I’m like, “well, if the anti-lockdown guy gets elected, will he actually be able to end the lockdown?” and they’re like “uhhhh.”

If these are the choices:

  1. You have voting rights, but you are locked in your house indefinitely at the behest of a small number of elite and multinational corporations and you can’t vote that away, ever, and
  2. You have no voting rights but you’re allowed to walk around freely and the government won’t try to lock you in your house for fear of riots

Then I’m picking #2.

I think virtually everyone on earth is picking #2.

This “freedom” they are pushing does not correlate to the accepted definition of “freedom,” which is “choices in how you live your life.”

In the Western world, we are currently being deprived of freedom like no one ever has been in all of recorded human history. Even at the height of the Bolshevik Revolution, or the Chinese Cultural Revolution, you could gather together in a house with your friends privately and eat food and talk freely and police wouldn’t storm in with guns and force you to put on masks and disperse.

We have entered a new age of total oppression and repression, and these people want to tell you you’re free because you can vote.

It’s farcical.