Friendship Nationalism: TheRightStuff.Biz, The Fed Snitch and The Rest of the Gang

By Andrew Anglin

Three weeks ago, I wrote a post outlining the issues I saw with TheRightStuff.Biz allying itself with a federal informant, Chris Cantwell. I wrote this as a warning to those involved with the organization, to let them know they are very likely to get burned by these people.

Since that post, a lot more information has come out, which I would like to collect here.

More from TRS’s Good Friend Chris Cantwell

A fan recently posted some screencaps of a chat he had with Cantwell, before Cantwell doxed him.

So that is Chris Cantwell threatening to:

  1. Rape his wife in front of his kids
  2. Have one of his followers threaten to rape his wife
  3. Dox him, his wife and his kids if he doesn’t give up someone else’s dox
  4. Threatening to snitch on him to the FBI
  5. Threatening to snitch on him to CPS to have his kids taken away

And apparently, followed through on 3-5.

He admitted on his site that he doxed the guy and called CPS on him.

This is a person that the leadership of TRS thinks it’s okay to send their listeners to get involved with.

A person who a key member of the TRS leadership, Eric Striker, publicly defends.

Here is Eric Striker in November of 2018 saying that the issue of Cantwell being a snitch is “a matter of public dispute.”


(That’s his confirmed BBS account here. He’s publicly defended him elsewhere as well.)

That comment was made after he informed to the feds in order to get out of the charges in Charlottesville – which he probably would have gotten off on anyway, might have gotten 18 months plus time served – not that it even matters, but I guess if you’re facing life in prison becoming a fed snitch is a little more understandable.

The Striker defense was obviously before the above chat was leaked a couple days ago, it was before he made his second report to the FBI, it was before he helped the Huffington Post dox Ricky Vaughn, it was before he helped Jared Holt get people banned from YouTube (all in my last article).

But it was after he publicly admitted to working with the feds to get very weak state charges of assault dropped.

So it can be assumed that all of this other stuff is “a matter of dispute” in the mind of the TRS ideological leader Eric Striker.

Please note that not even niggers will do what TRS is doing, and actively defend and collaborate with a fed snitch. In fact, blacks will kill fed snitches, both on the streets and in prison. They will consider anyone who talks to a snitch – for example Eric Striker, Alex McNabb and Morrakiu – to be themselves snitches.

So this is not a matter of “they just don’t understand.” If your argument is “well, they’re stupider than niggers, and they just can’t understand the kinds of things niggers understand” then you need to ask yourself what exactly is going on there. Because they do not appear to be stupider than niggers.

Furthermore, on the excuse of “they just can’t tell anyone no” – they told me “no.” I am blocked on all communications channels by every member of TRS, and was long before I publicly asked why the fuck they were communicating with confidential informants.

A Strange Secret Chat Group

Tony Hovator, who was the third in command of Trad Worker Party after Matt Heimbach and Matt Parrott, is active in a publicly accessible chat with Chris Cantwell.

They were talking about my post. Which Hovator found absolutely outrageous.

How dare anyone take issue with people associating with federal informants, getting young people who don’t know any better caught up in fed traps? How absolutely dare they?

But here’s where things get even more interesting. There is apparently a secret chat that Cantwell also runs.

Here’s the user list:

So you’ve unsurprisingly got both Hovator and Heimbach.

Just recently active.

Also of note is the presence of the Jewish libertarian Adam Kokesh.

That’s this guy:

Just hanging out secretly with a Jew who’s threatened to overthrow the government. No biggie.

And a former TWP comrade named Derrick Davis.

Fun guy, Derrick.

Don’t worry, he’s a reformed tranny. Just look at that manly beard in his current avatar. He just had those photos up while he had a TWP profile pic because… maybe he forgot to delete them or something. Or just wanted to treasure the memories.

But who’s this?

Jayoh De La Rey – the guy who runs all of the TRS op-sec for their real life groups?

In a secret chat with a federal informant?

Ain’t that a thing.

Is it an impersonator account? Why would impersonator accounts be allowed in a secret chat? If it is a fake account, then surely Jayoh should come out and make that very clear.

If he says nothing – and I suspect very strongly he will say nothing, as this is the clear TRS policy – then you have to assume that you have a person openly collaborating with a federal informant running all of the security for all of TRS’s real life events. He does all of the vetting of who’s allowed in.

Please: someone try to defend that situation. Just go. Try to defend this. Try to say that I must be insane for thinking there is anything wrong with this.

Because TRS isn’t going to defend it, so it is the duty of loyal TRS believers to tell everyone why this is okay and totally normal and completely not a cause for concern.

The fact that he is in this secret group with Heimbach and Hovator certainly sheds a new light on his recent podcast appearance (posted in the last post) about how he was “recently” in his kitchen with those two.

Bringing Back the Costumed Street Revolution

I recently wrote an article about the resurrection of the costumed street revolution with a group called “Legion of St. Ambrose,” which is being promoted by the ADL.

That shirt says “Orthodoxy or Death” – in Russian. Meaning they are threatening to kill anyone who doesn’t convert to Orthodox Christianity.

The group is ostensibly run by a fat former TWP member, Colton Williams.

He has an eyeball tattooed on the front of his neck.

Rumor has it that Matt Parrott and Matt Heimbach are also both involved in this group.

Which would explain some of Parrott’s tweets as to how he is bringing back nationalism.

Note that he is blaming the fall of his organization on Baked Alaska (???), Milo, weev and Steve Bannon (???), not on the fact that he called the cops (and then the SPLC) on his own leader/son-in-law after his leader fucked his wife and beat him up.

When “The Legion” made their first appearance on Twitter earlier this month, they got 9 likes.

One of those likes was from the ideological leader of TRS, Eric Striker.

So not only do you have TRS endorsing this group of costumed freaks threatening to kill anyone who doesn’t convert to a foreign religion, you have solid evidence that Striker is actively communicating and colluding with these people behind the scenes. How else would he know about the launch of this organization, that only 8 other people were aware of?

No Response

Perhaps the single most important piece of information is that the leadership of TRS has outright refused to address any of these concerns, at all. After Morrakiu initially reached out and appeared on the show of the fed snitch Christopher Cantwell, which triggered my addressing of the issues with this group, you would think they would want to set the record straight.

They were called out for an attempt to rehabilitate a literal federal informant, and get people involved with this informant, and they refused to even say “don’t worry, we’ve got that under control.”

The obvious assumption would then be that they are purposefully trying to cover this up, even while I – someone with a much larger audience than them – am calling them out on it. Calling them out on the most serious of possible allegations: that they are actively rehabilitating a fed snitch.

In fact, Mike Enoch’s one response – which was made in the comments section of a show – was deleted.


  • Why are you promoting this fed?
  • Oh that is gay drama
  • [deletes comment]

And then everyone who asked about the issue in the comments – those are all paying customers – had their comments deleted.

Here’s an example:

That was all deleted.

They are in absolute damage control mode. Damage control is not what honest people do. It is what guilty people do.

They wouldn’t have to put it on the front page of their site or on their show. I’m not putting this on the front page of my site. They have all kinds of channels they could have distributed a response through where it would have been seen only by a very limited audience – the people interested to see it. But no. Nothing.


If they’re not doing what it looks like they’re doing, then why not be open and honest with the people who have put their trust in them?

When people shut down and refuse to answer questions, it is always safest to assume the worst. I already assume the worst. But I understand there are people who don’t want to.

Morrakiu was not quietly fired even. They didn’t mention anything about him. He continues on their show, just as if he hadn’t tried to use his status as a TRS employee to rehabilitate a fed informant and doxer shill. So there goes anyone’s theory that he wasn’t representing TRS when he went on Cantwell’s show. Otherwise, he surely would have been fired for putting them in this position. If he had just gone rogue and decided on his own to promote federal informants.

At least TRS didn’t go on the offensive, and launch whataboutism attacks on anyone who asked why they are associating with federal informants and apparently plotting to bring back costumed street marches.

Oh wait no actually they did exactly that.

Apparently disobeying the organization-wide memo to hide concerned threads, ignore concerned posts and to not reply to concerned posters, Borzoi went nuts on Twitter.

I don’t know much about Borzoi, other than that he is an ideological figurehead of the new TRS, which no one really understands, but is being shaped by Eric Striker.

When someone on twitter asked why TRS was associating with feds and if they were planning on bringing back costumed marches, Borzoi blocked them. Then they got around the block somehow, or was unblocked, idk.

Here’s the thing.

TRS thought-leader Borzoi first responded with insults and psychoanalysis.

I guess it’s not just the Marxist economic critique these people want to bring to the right-wing. They also like Freud.

And then look at this:

Repent of the sin of questioning TRS?

What is going on here?


These tweets are still up at time of writing.

He accused me of being a conspiracy theorist.

If it’s a conspiracy theory, then why can’t we simply behave like normal adults and have a calm conversation where this is all explained?

Why has the entirety of TRS – except you, Borzoi – completely refused to respond to any of this?

He eventually dropped the bomb.

There you have it kids:

Anglin: Why are you associating with a fed snitch and trying to rehabilitate these weird costume people everyone hates?

TRS: You trolled Whitefish and your sysop has a swastika tattoo.

You definitely wouldn’t think that TRS would want to get in a whataboutism war. Good thing I’m not interested in that.

Also, unlike TRS, I’m more than willing to simply respond to any concerns raised.

Dear Borzoi:

  1. Yes, I trolled Whitefish and got the entire international media to report that 200 skinheads and members of Hamas were going to march through the snow of Montana. It was one of the funniest things anyone has ever done on the internet.
  2. No, that didn’t “destroy Sherri Spencer’s case,” because that isn’t the way the legal system works. Thinking your followers are stupid enough to believe that’s the way the legal system works is contemptuous.
  3. Yes, my sysop has a swastika tattoo.

Feel free to bring up any further concerns at any time.

Now, we’d like our questions answered.

  1. Why have there been continual interactions by various TRS employees with the fed snitch Christopher Cantwell?
  2. Why did Eric Striker claim that Christopher Cantwell being a snitch is a “matter of debate”?
  3. Does TRS unequivocally disavow Christopher Cantwell?
  4. Does TRS unequivocally disavow all fed snitching and interactions with feds generally?
  5. What is the extent of the interactions the various employees of TRS have had with feds? Everyone who is doxed gets approached by feds – I haven’t been in the country in years but had an Israeli-trained informant recruiter harassing my father four entire years ago – what did TRS employees say when they were approached? We would like specifics.
  6. What is the relationship between TRS and Matt Heimbach and Matt Parrott?
  7. What is the relationship between TRS and the Legion of St. Ambrose?
  8. Is Jayoh Dela Rey a member of Christopher Cantwell’s secret Telegram group, or is that a fake account?
  9. If the account is not fake, then why is the person in charge of TRS’s real life groups in secret communication with a federal informant?

Understand: accusing me and others who ask these questions of things doesn’t make these questions go away any more than blocking people and deleting comments makes these questions go away.

This isn’t something that is going to blow over. These are questions that are going to hang in the air until they are answered, openly and candidly.

This isn’t about me. This isn’t about my sysop’s tattoo.

This is not an issue of personalities or egos.

This is an issue of TRS opening multiple public lines of communication (and apparently private ones as well) with a fed snitch. If we were doing that, then I certainly hope that TRS would have the integrity to ask me what the fuck I was doing. This isn’t “drama,” this is real life. As real as it gets.

These are absolutely valid questions that have to be asked, and if they are not answered, then I don’t know how anyone can do anything other than assume the worst. People’s lives are at stake here. This isn’t a fucking game.

And no: you people do not live in some theoretical reality where your behavior doesn’t affect anyone else, and thus you’re not accountable to anyone. Since you’ve clearly embraced some kind of Marxism, you should know better than to use that libertarian cop-out.

We live in a society.

What is actually going on here?

Well, it’s basically this:

There is a very real possibility this is all as bad as it looks. I don’t have to paint the picture.

But if we give them the benefit of the doubt on every single point, we have a kind of “Friendship is Magic Nationalism,” where the leadership of TRS puts buddy relationships above anything and everything else. Cantwell is a fed snitch, but he’s a cool guy, so he’s alright. Heimbach and Parrott are… Heimbach and Parrott, but they’re nice guys, so they’re alright. Everyone can just be friends, and everything will work out fine.

Of course, that kind of thinking is the wet dream of a fed who wants to send people in to infiltrate you, to dox you, to manipulate the direction of your operation, to set you up for crimes. If there are no checks on anything – and clearly, whatever is going on, there are no checks on anything – then everything is wide open.

Of course, blocking me, refusing to answer any questions, deleting the comments of people that ask questions, insulting and psychoanalyzing people who ask questions – it does look malicious. It’s impossible to avoid that.

But maybe they just don’t give a fuck about anything but friendship? Who knows.

Just so we’re clear, I don’t expect TRS to make a big thing of this

I’m not asking for a statement on their show. I certainly do not expect them to tell people who aren’t following this about what is going on. It is completely reasonable that they wouldn’t want to do that.

It would be very easy for them to come answer these questions here. Eric Striker still has an account. Mike has my number. If he’s deleted it a second time, he can email me and I can send him an account invite. He can just go through and answer those 9 questions, and the people themselves can decide what they think of the answers.

We need some kind of answers.

Calling us conspiracy theorists, insulting us, psychoanalyzing us and talking about our swastika tattoos isn’t cutting it.