Juggalos Seem to be a Kind of Last Stand of Implicit White Identity

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 14, 2019

Apparently, we’re seeing the beginnings of a wignat revival movement in America.

When I saw this picture of “The Legion of St. Ambrose” in Knoxville, Tennessee the other day, I was like “fuck, fuck you, please, just go away, seriously, why?”

This is the new look for “white supremacist neo-Nazism” in 2019: Hot Topic Orthodox Russian Nationalism.

Their nickname is “Christ Gang.”

This idea of dressing up in bizarre costumes and marching through the streets for the glory of the white race never dies – but it does just keep getting weirder. I doubt that fat guy knows what that shirt he’s wearing says (yes, he is wearing a shirt with Russian writing on it – plus skulls). But as a Russian bot, I can tell you that the first part says “Orthodoxy or Death.”

So the new form of wignatism – which we might call Hot Topic Nationalism, or “hotopnat” – is threatening to kill anyone who doesn’t convert to Russian Orthodox Christianity. And they’ve got prayer beads and so on.

Try to imagine thinking that people would see that picture and say “wow, this really looks like something I’d like to be involved in.”

Then realize that no one anywhere would ever think that, then ask yourself “what exactly is the purpose of this then?”

Well, I’ll tell you who likes it.

The Anti-Defamation League likes it.

On April 4 – probably just hours after this three-man Legion made their first public appearance – the ADL published an entire page about them.

And then an Antifa Wikipedia user put together a Wikipedia page about this rising neo-Nazi threat, which is very important to the public interest, because white people are planning to kill you if you don’t join the Russian church.

Here’s the account that created the page:

The log:

The page has since been deleted, because the only source was the ADL and the group’s own manifesto.

Here’s a cache of the page.

But I’ll tell you what.

That page will be back.

Because the ADL likes them and if the ADL likes them then that means the Jewish media likes them, and that means you’re going to be hearing a lot about them.

Adding a “we are agents of Russia and we will kill you if you don’t convert to a Russian religion” meme to street-marching white supremacist neo-Nazism was really a brilliant move. It’s bound to rocket them to super-stardom.


Every time I see this ultra-weirdo stuff and see the Jews jump up and down promoting it, I am reminded of this particular survey:

If the survey says 46% of whites don’t want America to become a white minority, you can be certain the actual number is significantly higher than that. There are large racial groups, including many Mexicans and Arabs, and of course Jews, who falsely identify as “white.” And obviously, not everyone who secretly thinks this is going to feel comfortable answering it on a survey. Plus you have the fact that it was 5-to-1 men answering “yes I worry.”

So probably, you’ve got a situation where upwards of 80% of white men are not comfortable with the idea of white people being racially replaced in America.

So to me at least, it is incredibly obvious that anyone who wants to advocate for the white race in America simply needs to tap into this major population of normal people who already agree. And – big think emoji coming at you – you most definitely do not do that by going out in Hot Topic costumes and threatening to kill anyone who doesn’t convert to a Russian religion.

Assuming these St. Ambrose people are genuine, and just anti-social weirdos who can’t process the basic nature of living in a society, and not the seemingly more likely thing – then why do they not present weirdo aesthetics that are already proven to be popular?

Specifically, I’m talking about juggalos – that is, the fandom of Insane Clown Posse.

This is a massive group of mildly anti-social people, which is 99% white, which is politically incorrect, which supports right-wing politics – and it is just waiting to be tapped into by someone who wants to bring that particular population group into white identity politics.

They were onto the Clown World meme 20 years ago, these people.

And there are hundreds of thousands of them. Basically, all working class white people are into this scene.

They already voted for Donald Trump.

And they’re big supporters of the First Amendment, and are actually active in doing protests to support it. Including in Washington, DC.

And if Christianity is your main issue – they’re all Christians.

Get this: Juggalos even have their own cryptocurrency.

There is no way that 100% of Juggalos aren’t in the stated 46% of whites who don’t want this country to become a minority.

Even the random colored person who’s involved with the Juggalos would support that – they’re obviously supporters and defenders of white identity, because Juggalos are the last stand of implicit white identity.

So if you’re an awkward, fat weirdo – but one who honestly has good intentions, and wants to do what you can to help the white race – why not reach out to the Juggalos?

This to me seems like the most obvious thing in the world.

“Jugnat” sounds cool.

And as a fat guy, you’re going to look a lot cooler in clown make-up and baggy Juggalo clothes than in a black mask and a tight Russian T-shirt – I can promise you that.

What’s more – and you wouldn’t probably have guessed this – the Juggalos have a whole bunch of good looking women in their community.

When was the last time you saw a weirdo neo-Nazi costume group with a bunch of hot women?

Look at this.

A lot of those girls are teenagers.

People want to talk about family and natalism.

Obviously, you’re not going to get women into your thing by talking about any form of politics – other than the occasional attention whore who specifically joins because of the extremely high male-to-female ratio. But if you associate your politics with Juggalos, you’ve immediately got a built-in female population for your group’s male members to draw fertile wombs from.

People have accused me of being against wignats because I’m a suburban middle class elitist who wants everyone to look as dashing and dapper and as peak optics as AIM. This is utter slander.

I absolutely support reaching out to the working class. What I don’t support is doing shit that is fucking disgusting and retarded. This tantrum activism street marching is designed specifically for the consumption of the Jewish media, and has zero appeal to the working class anyway.

It is condescending and offensive to the working class to tell them you’re going to force some system on them, whether it is “socialism” or Russian Christianity. It’s an insult to these people that you think you have a right to provide them with a completely new identity that you designed.

If you actually cared about reaching out to working class white people and getting them involved in white identity politics in an organized way, you would have the decency to meet them where they are. And where are huge number of them are is in the Juggalo scene.

I would 100% support an attempt to reach out to the Juggalo community and get them woke on white identity issues.

This is all about WINNING.

Nothing else.