Israeli-Trained FBI Agent Todd Warner Wants to be Friends with The Daily Stormer

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 17, 2015

The Jewish Police. Be alert.
The Jewish Police are on the prowl. Be alert.

So, like most people these days, I have an email address. I also have a Twitter account, a phone number, and so on.

But for whatever reason, media, law enforcement and various other Jewish ethnic activist outlets prefer to call my father. Probably the reason is that they think that he’ll talk to them and they know I won’t. They also appear to get off on the idea of intimidating my family – but that is of course mere conjecture.

So anyway, following the Joshua Goldberg debacle, I expected some attempted questioning. Not that I have anything to say that wasn’t in my essay about my experiences with this Jew.

My personal policy is that there are three things I will say to a federal agent:

“Am I under arrest?”

“Can I see a warrant?”

and, most importantly

“I want to speak to a lawyer.”

But my dad has a slightly different policy, and I guess had a conversation with Special Todd on the phone, then emailed him a follow-up.

> Date: Monday, September 14, 2015, 11:44 AM
> Good morning, First, let me thank you for
> taking my call earlier. As I explained, I am looking
> to speak with your son Andrew and had limited ways of
> reaching him. I now understand that he is out of the
> United States and that you can forward this email to him.
> I would like to speak with
> him about his website. In my experience, people who have
> extreme and dangerous intentions gravitate to edgy websites
> like Daily Stormer. I want to be clear that I
> understand the Constitution and the First Amendment. I
> have no intention of delving into that area. I am most
> concerned with protecting The United States from dangerous
> people. I would like to be a point of contact for
> Andrew if he should encounter anyone who he feels is
> dangerous and might do harm. I understand that he might be
> reluctant to contact law enforcement. I would
> also like to discuss any past experience with potentially
> violent people.
> Please forward
> this email to him. I appreciate your time. Thank you, Special Agent Todd
> Warner Federal Bureau
> of Investigation Columbus, Ohio Joint Terrorism Task
> Force 614-224-1183
> office 614-849-1724 desk

He never sent me an email. Sometimes I miss emails, but I just did a search.

Nope, nothing.
Nope, nothing. Just the forwarded one from pops.

“Limited ways of reaching him” seems a bit dishonest, then, right? Email is a pretty normal form of communication these days.

Almost as if he was approaching my family as a form of intimidation.

But the email itself – well, that seems pretty reasonable, right?

I mean, I sure do want to stop Jewish-ISIS terrorists from attempting to blow things up, if I can. Maybe this Agent Todd Warner is just a concerned goy like me, who wants to prevent Jews from blowing things up.

And Special Agent Todd even makes a point to tell my father to tell me that he understands I have a Constitutional right to free speech! Cool! Sounds like we could end up really great friends!

We respect your free speech, of course, we just want your help with a few things.
We respect your free speech, of course, we just want your help with a few things.

But wait, before I voluntarily walk into a situation where an FBI agent is obviously trying to either entrap me or trying and make me an informant, let’s do a bit of Googling.

Oh dear.

What’s this here on the Dayton, Ohio Infragaurd website?

FBI Special Agent Todd Warner will discusses a 2008 diplomatic visit to Israel for an look inside the Israeli Security Agency, the Shinbet. The presentation details the inner workings of Shinbet and is illustrated with on-the-ground photos, visit details and personal stories. This presentation has been a scene setter for intelligence briefings regarding the very recent acceleration of military actions in the Gaza Strip. SA Warner also answer questions regarding a temporary assignment to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba in 2005. .

Todd Warner is a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation working under our former InfraGard Coordinator, SSA Ken Wall, in the Cincinnati District Office He has been an agent for 12 years and has been assigned in Denver, Phoenix and Columbus, Ohio. Specifically, he was assigned to investigate counter-narcotics until 2001 when he was reassigned to the Counterterrorism Program. SA Warner has been a member of the Joint Terrorism Task Force, a principle relief supervisor for the JTTFs in Phoenix and Columbus and most recently assigned as the primary source/informant recruiter for the FBI’s Field Intelligence Group. He also specializes in interview and interrogation instruction for the FBI. SA Warner is a certified Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team operator.

So it’s an Israeli-trained informant-recruiter who wants to be my friend?

I’ll tell you what, guys – that sounds a little bit suspicious.

Almost as if there is some kind of agenda at work here, though I just can’t quite put my finger on it…

Seriously Though, This Isn’t a Joke

I am printing this to let you know that this is real.

And these people will use any kind of tricks to get you sucked into their games.

We, as White people, are not biologically equipped for their type of scheming. My instinct, regarding the whole Goldberg situation, is that an FBI agent approaching me about it is genuinely concerned about protecting America, exactly as he says. After all, Goldberg actually was nuts, and apparently was actually trying to get Moslems to set off bombs as some kind of weird Jewish joke.

(Unless this was all some kind of gigantic weird Jewish conspiracy, which is also possible.)

And I don’t know for a fact that Agent Todd isn’t an honest guy who just wants to prevent another Goldberg. However, I find it extremely hard to believe that this is the case. As soon as my father described the conversation I said “yeah, that seems to me like he wants me to be an informant.” Then he forwards me the email, I look him up and he’s an Israeli-trained informant-recruiter.

And here’s the deal on my end: If I was going to sell-out, I never would have bought-in.

Viking 4 life. Because someone has to stop these kikes.
Viking 4 life. Because someone has to stop these kikes.

But there are two issues here:

1) It would be possible for someone – one of our own – to innocently get involved with these people, and get sucked into something weird.

2) There are people who will sellout, and the fact that they are – apparently – approaching people indicates that they are looking for people who will.

The rule for everyone should be: do not ever talk to cops (specifically Federal cops), under any circumstances, unless it is to say one of these three things:

1) Am I under arrest?

2) Can I see a warrant?

3) I want to speak to a lawyer.

I am personally very careful to never do anything which violates American law (obviously I do violate the laws of certain European countries, where it is illegal to state certain facts).

I am also – not tooting a horn here – relatively clever.

However, there are all types of different ways that people, who are perhaps less clever than I, can get sucked into doing something illegal without even knowing it. The number one way that this can happen is by engaging the police, on any level.

Just don’t do it. Ever.

And if you think someone is trying to get you to engage in something illegal, or borderline illegal, end communication with them immediately, and let others you know that you believe this is happening.

Not every person who starts talking to you about “hey, let’s stage a violent revolution somehow” is necessarily a cop or an informant, there is just a 97-99% chance that they are. At best, they are an unhinged or low IQ liability that you don’t want to be connected to in any way.

And now that we know – or appear to know – that the FBI is actively recruiting in our scene, we need to be very careful and alert (not that we shouldn’t have already been careful and alert).

Avoiding Paranoia

It is also important to avoid paranoia.

Right now as I am writing this, I am wondering if some Jew mastermind didn’t stage this whole situation with Agent Todd, knowing that I would write about it based on whatever psychological profiling they’ve done of me, and that this would cause paranoia within the pro-White community.

Basically, I think you should assume that someone is not an agent/informant until they appear to be trying to get you involved in something illegal, or pushing you in that direction. Or trying to push a narrative that is harmful (though that is a whole lot more subjective – people have accused me of being an agent because I deny the Holocaust).

In any case, publicly accusing someone is probably never the best move.

The reason that I dropped Goldberg (who was submitting articles to this site as Michael Slay) was that I was suspicious that over a period of a couple months his writing style changed, became more extreme (though still technically legal), and then I strongly suspected that he had staged the Bornstein Hoax and tried to get me to take the blame, which seemed like a fed move.

But you’ll note that I dropped him quietly, and did not publicly accuse him of being a fed. I warned people who I knew were associated him that I was suspicious of him, and discussed it with confidants. I am proud of the way I handled the situation, and I don’t think I could have been expected to do anything other than I did.

If you ever do get in some kind of weird situation, contact a lawyer.

In summary:

  • Do not do anything illegal
  • Do not talk to cops
  • Do not talk to people who do talk to cops; if you know someone is talking to cops, tell others you trust but don’t publicly announce it
  • Do not be overly paranoid, but always be aware
  • If something gets weird, contact a lawyer.

Also – and this is very important – watch this video. Watch it all the way to the end.

Things are getting heavy, brothers.

And this show has just gotten started.

Hail Victory.