Frontlines of the Culture War: Indian Occupation Government of UK Says Women Have No Penises

It’s so funny that the culture war is now the Pakistani occupation government of Britain saying women don’t have penises.

Actually, that isn’t funny at all.


UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has declared that 100% of women do not have penises, after Labour Party leader Keir Starmer had previously suggested that just 99.9% of females do not possess the male reproductive organ.

When asked earlier this week by the right-leaning website Conservative Home if he believed that 100% of women do not have penises, Sunak replied: “Yes, of course.”

The Conservative Party prime minister, who succeeded Liz Truss after her brief stay in Downing Street last year, added that he believed that “compassion and understanding and tolerance” should be maintained for people “who are thinking about changing their gender.”

Fuck you, Paki.

Why should anyone have compassion and tolerance?

Go back to your country. No one wants you here.

You suck!

Paki occupation aside, this culture war is so, so gay.

If we’re going to have a culture war, it should be like, that guy in No Country for Old Men killing people with a bolt gun.

But I mean…

Culture wars are so, so gay.

So gay.

Why are we doing this?

It was always going to end with some smelly Paki saying “actually women don’t have penises.”

Who agreed that “culture wars” should be the grounds on which we fight politically?

Like, did someone vote?

What even is this?