Frustrated DeSantis Fires Staffers as Campaign Implodes, Fails to Manage Resources

Oh my Meatball, we hardly knew thee.

New York Post:

Presidential hopeful Ron DeSantis has reportedly fired roughly a dozen of his staffers as his campaign is burning through cash without making a dent in former President Donald Trump’s lead.

More staffers are expected to lose their jobs over the next few weeks amid the cost-cutting campaign shakeup, less than two months after the Florida Governor officially launched his White House bid, NBC reported.

Those who were fired were mainly mid-level staffers to bring down costs after DeSantis’ camp determined they may have hired too many staffers too early, despite its $20 million haul after six weeks on the campaign trail, sources told the outlet.

“They never should have brought so many people on, the burn rate was way too high,” one Republican source familiar with the campaign’s thought process. “People warned the campaign manager but she wanted to hear none of it.”

Campaign manager Generra Peck, who led DeSantis 2022 gubernatorial reelection campaign, is now in the hot seat, NBC reported.

DeSantis’ campaign lists 92 people on its payroll during the first period of fundraising, according to Federal Election Commission finance reports filed on Saturday — by far the most of any other GOP presidential candidate, NBC News reported.

DeSantis has failed to make a major cut into frontrunning Trump’s massive lead, who holds a 20-point lead on the Florida Governor in his home state, according to a Florida Atlantic University poll released last week.

There is an overall sense, including with me, that he just has not ignited the way we thought he would,” one donor told the outlet.

He’s not selling because he is a bad product, and looks like a sneaky snake fiend trying to undermine Trump – who is the clear people’s choice – while Trump also happens to be under assault from the entire globalist system.

Announcing running against Trump while Trump had the kind of energy he had was the stupidest thing ever.

He’s kept this energy up.

Meatball has never had any energy. His brand is confusing and he is unlikeable.

He’s totally ruined his career – and I’ll tell you, these retards who are taking his money to shill his pointless campaign are really going to regret it. I’m not going to forget that they did this, I can tell you that. DeSantis supporters are selling out America.