Full Interview with Hero Darren

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 28, 2014

Here is the entire 45 minute interview of Hero Darren Wilson by George Stepanapapoloposlos.

We are struck here by how absolutely normal this guy is, how here is totally the kind of guy who you would want to have as a neighbor, who you would let look after your kids while you run to the store or trust to feed and walk your dogs while you were on vacation.

Meanwhile, Michael Brown was a criminal who had just robbed a poor little Paki guy (please don’t say again that he is Bangladeshi – I’m aware, but believe it is funny to call all of those sort of people Pakis).

This whole scenario is so incredibly surreal. But everything is surreal these days, is it not?

We are living in a bad acid trip. I never really understood what a bad acid trip was, as all of my acid trips were good. Now I understand – it is when nothing makes any logical sense, reality appears to be collapsing, and everything is coming at you without mercy and without attempting to explain why it is coming at you.