Ye and Nick Go on Alex Jones! Ye Confirms Hitler! No Brakes!

On Thursday, Ye appeared with Nick Fuentes on the Alex Jones Show.

The Dream Team

The media is focusing on the fact that Ye endorsed Adolf Hitler as not being that bad, said he loves Nazis, and said the Holocaust never happened.

Although I agree that Hitler was good and the Nazis are very cool, that was the least of what was said. The important parts of the show were about what is going on now, rather than what was going on 80 years ago.

Ye and Nick laid out the details of what is going on with Ye’s money. They went through what happened with the meeting with Donald Trump, and responded to the claim from various sectors that the meeting was a “setup.” There was no setup; they weren’t even planning on bringing Nick into the meeting, but Donald Trump was like “Ye, bring in your friends.”

More importantly, they talked about the details of THE PLAN for 2024. Ye and Nick made it clear that they both really like Trump, but don’t believe he fulfilled his promises, and will run against him to force him to fulfill his promises. They are not in any way against Trump, even though Trump insulted Ye’s wife in an inappropriate manner.

Ye revealed that Ben Shapiro is just mad that Kyrie Irving won’t sign his basketball. (That checks out.)

He also explained that he was at New Year’s Eve parties having threesomes, and that’s why God let the Jews screw him over. (That checks out as well.)

Furthermore, Ye said:

  • Christ is King
  • Porn is evil
  • History is mostly lies
  • Bibi Netanyahu is trying to have him killed
  • Black people are Native Americans
  • Instagram is a prostitution app
  • Elon needs to reinstate everyone

This is a platform I can get behind – especially this stuff about the Holocaust being a hoax.

During the show, Ye gave his phone to Nick and Alex and let them tweet from his account.

This was Alex’s tweet:

This is Nick’s tweet:

This is Ali Alexander’s tweet:

Ye printed off Alex’s tweet and had Alex sign it.

Elon responded to that tweet.

I think Elon is going to come through. He’s apparently a Christian now. He used to talk about being an atheist, but he’s doing nothing but quoting the Bible now. I think his son being turned tranny by one of his baby mamas woke him up to the threat of Satan.

This meme is pretty good.

The basic fact of reality is that Ye is right. Everything he is saying is true. He is even supporting Vladimir Putin and Russia.

He is the ideal person to be president, and I truly believe that God can make that happen.

People can say “oh well, we have to be practical” – well, we’ve been practical for a very long time, and nothing good has happened. In fact, every bad thing happened.

We need to do what is right, and damn the consequences.

Ye loves Nick and Nick is the single most competent and capable person alive.

Get on the Ye Train or get off the tracks, because there are no brakes.

This is happening.