G20 Globalists Dined on Wagyu Beef as They Demand You Eat Bugs to Save the World

What Bill Gates eats
What Bill Gates is feeding you

It’s a very boomer-tier point that these Jews and pedophiles trying to force us into poverty by claiming it will change the weather don’t follow their own rules. Even whilst it’s a boomer-tier point, however, it’s a very valid point.

At the G20 meeting in Bali, these global warmers who want you to eat bugs ate high quality wagyu beef, a menu reveals.

They could try to say that this is a special event, and the rest of the year they are vegans. But this is the event where they should be putting on their public face, and showing the world how to eat bugs. They cannot be inconvenienced.

This entire “global warming” thing is just totally made up. It’s an excuse to drive people into poverty and stop their breeding so they can be replaced with robots. Everyone should have known that when they made the spokesperson for the agenda a retarded teenage girl, and then told you that you were evil if you questioned her because you can’t question retards.

This is not reasonable, and when people are emotionally manipulating you like this, it means they’re lying. If they could use the facts, they would use the facts. But they don’t have any facts. They just have a bunch of fake graphs. And it’s a really big ask – everyone has to be poor, live in a tiny tenement apartment, and eat bugs.

The whole thing is a gigantic scam, and it is utterly absurd that people are so weak that these people can bypass facts and ruin your life with dumb emotional nonsense. People need to buck up.

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