Gaza: Mass Graves Containing Naked Corpses with Their Hands Bound Found Under Hospital Destroyed by Jews

This is surprising to absolutely no one.

One wonders however, after this kind of event, how the Blinken Administration is going to continue to claim that Israel is not violating “human rights.” I guess he’ll just say that they’re investigating it, and then never follow up.

Binding people’s hands, stripping them naked, executing them, and throwing them in a mass grave is, I think, a violation of “human rights,” by anyone’s definition of the term.

Personally, I despise this “human rights” language, and think we should be referring to what the Jews are doing as “the most abominable atrocity in recorded history.”

We’ve never – in all of history – seen a military do something like what Israel is doing. It is totally beyond comprehension.

The Guardian:

The UN human rights chief, Volker Türk, has said he was “horrified” by reports of mass graves containing hundreds of bodies at two of Gaza’s largest hospitals.

Palestinian civil defence teams began exhuming bodies from a mass grave outside the Nasser hospital complex in Khan Younis last week after Israeli troops withdrew.

“We feel the need to raise the alarm because clearly there have been multiple bodies discovered,” said Ravina Shamdasani, spokesperson for the UN high commissioner for human rights.

She described bodies “buried deep in the ground and covered with waste”, adding that “among the deceased were allegedly older people, women and wounded”, including some bound and stripped of their clothes.

Some of them had their hands tied, which of course indicates serious violations of international human rights law and international humanitarian law, and these need to be subjected to further investigations,” she said.

Palestinian rescue teams and several observation missions from the UN also reported the discovery of multiple mass grave sites in the Shifa hospital compound, in Gaza City, earlier this month, after Israeli ground troops withdrew after a prolonged siege.

Medics working for Doctors Without Borders described how Israeli forces attacked Nasser hospital in late January before withdrawing a month later, leaving the facility unable to function.

Rescue workers are continuing to dig through the sandy earth to exhume bodies outside the hospital. Shamdasani said her office was working on corroborating Palestinian officials’ reports that 283 bodies had been found at the site.

Officials in Gaza said the bodies at Nasser were people who had died during the siege.

The people supporting this are all going to Hell. There is a particularly deep and dark spot in Hell for people like Mike Johnson who cite the Bible when explaining why they support this slaughter.