Gentleman Assad Absolutely DUNKS on Jeffrey Epstein Suicide Story

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 16, 2019

The good doctor has never said a thing I personally disagreed with. His latest interview with the Russians covered many topics, but this one bit has the most meme potential by far.

Al-Masdar News:

White Helmets founder James Le Mesurier may have been liquidated by intelligence agents upon the CIA’s instructions or with the agency’s direct participation, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad told Russia’s Rossiya-24 television on Thursday.

The Syrian president said he saw links between the death of Le Mesurier and the deaths of US financier Jeffry Epstein, Al Qaeda chieftain Osama bin Laden and Islamic State (outlawed in Russia) leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.“American billionaire Jeffrey Epstein was killed several weeks ago, they said he had committed suicide in jail. However, he was killed because he knew a lot of vital secrets connected with very important people in the British and American regimes, and possibly in other countries as well,” Assad pointed out.


Dab on all them niggas while you at it, you absolute KING.

“And now the main founder of the White Helmets has been killed, he was an officer and he had worked his whole life with NATO in Afghanistan, Kosovo, Iraq and Lebanon,” he went on to say.

“Both of us know that they [representatives of the White Helmets] are naturally part of Al Qaeda. I believe that these people, as well as the previously liquidated bin Laden and al-Baghdadi had been killed chiefly because they knew major secrets. They turned into a burden once they had played out their roles. A dire need to do away with them surfaced after they had fulfilled their roles,” Assad explained.

The interview is good. Assad looks like he’s on the upswing, enjoying the spoils of war.

Now, it is clear to me that Dr. Assad is a gentleman and a scholar who clearly takes good care of himself while his critics are grotesque harridans and obese child-diddlers.

I, for one, would prefer him to be president of these United States instead of Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren because as of this writing, he is the only president to come out and DUNK on the Jeffrey Epstein “suicide” story publicly. Posterity will remember him for that. Also: now that he’s committed, he should comment on MKUltra and the Finders Cult, because why not at this point? Would it really make ZOG hate him any more than they already do?

And if he could just finish it off with a meme to dog-whistle at the Zoomers…

…well then he’d clinch my vote, that’s for sure.