Assad is Back in the Arab League After a Decade of Being Cockblocked by Fagmerican Imperialism


God bless him, he’s back.

The world is healing.

Emperor Xi personally negotiated peace between Iran and Saudi, and that effectively means “peace across the entire Islamic world.”


Arab League foreign ministers adopted a decision to readmit Syria after more than a decade of suspension on Sunday, a spokesperson for the League said, consolidating a regional push to normalise ties with President Bashar al-Assad.

The decision was taken at a closed meeting of Arab foreign ministers at the Arab League’s headquarters in Cairo, said Gamal Roshdy, spokesman for the Arab League’s secretary general.

Syria’s membership of the Arab League was suspended in 2011 after a bloody crackdown on street protests against Assad that led to a devastating civil war, and many Arab states pulled their envoys out of Damascus.

I feel as good right now as I felt bad when I saw that Prigozhin clip.

This is so important, it makes what is happening in “Bakhmut” look completely irrelevant.

(Obviously no disrespect to the dead – on either side – and their families, I’m speaking in the global scheme of things.)

Never forget: there is one man who made this happen.

There is one man who can make anything good happen in this sickening piss earth the Americans have created.

There is one man who can bring peace to a world at war, bring prosperity to a world descending into poverty and rot.

There is one man who can break the ZOG system, and keep these Jews from cutting your sons’ dicks off.

Pray for the Emperor.

The world is his now.

All Hail the Dawn of True Sino-Friendship.