Georgia: Jew 7th Grade Teacher Arrested After Threatening to Decapitate Moslem Girl

So I guess it’s illegal to be Jewish in America, huh?

They say it’s not a white supremacy country, and then Jews get arrested just for defending Israel??? The Jew state???

The Guardian:

A school teacher in the US state of Georgia was arrested after allegedly threatening to behead a student who expressed taking offense over his Israeli flag, according to authorities.

Benjamin Reese’s arrest at the middle school named after the town of Warner Robins occurred on after a student approached and told him she was offended by the Israeli flag hanging in his classroom, the local news station WMAZ reported, citing a police account of the case.

Reese, a seventh-grade social studies teacher, allegedly replied that he was a Jew and had relatives who lived in Israel. The student said “Israelis killing Palestinians” made the flag offensive, which prompted Reese to accuse her of being antisemitic.

WMAZ reported that several different witnesses then heard Reese, 51, say he would “kick [the] student’s fucking ass, slit her goddamn throat … drag her ass outside and cut her head off”.

One faculty member alleged to have heard Reese say: “You don’t make an antisemitic comment like that to a Jew.” The student “responded negatively to Reese but was not yelling”, that witness said.

According to the police account reviewed by WMAZ, that witness described seeing Reese return to his classroom while he swore loudly and said he “should not be spoken to like that because he is a Jew”.

“I will drag her ass into the parking lot, slit her fucking throat and kill her,” Reese allegedly said, as the police account told it.

Well at least he didn’t wanna make a mess inside the school.

If I were his lawyer, that’d be the first thing I’d mention during the trial.

Reese’s alleged tirade happened about 3.30pm, which is after many US schools dismiss classes for the day. But teachers, staff member and students who were there for after-school tutoring or disciplinary detention were there, and a local sheriff’s office deputy on duty at the campus interviewed them, WMAZ said.

The deputy at Warner Robins middle school found security video which showed Reese yelling down a hallway as he walked to his classroom, but it had no audio. Reese, when approached by the deputy, allegedly defended himself by asserting that he had not said anything racist, among other things, WMAZ reported.

The teacher was accused of kicking his classroom’s door stopper “in an aggressive manner” as the deputy led him out. Reese then invoked his constitutional right to remain silent, and he was booked a day later on counts of cruelty to a child and making a terroristic threat.

Reese subsequently posted a $7,500 bond while awaiting the resolution of the case, according to the police account reported on by WMAZ.

Yeah, okay.


I’m Team Gaza.

No Jew shill is going to change my mind.

In this conflict, I stand with the humans.

It’s tough being a Jew these days