Malaysia Bans Israeli Ships and Vessels Heading to Israel Over Jewish Cruelty Against Palestinians

Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim

So, we’re headed towards some sort of all Moslem war against Israel.

Even the Malaysians are involved now.

The US is expected to fight wars against every Moslem country in the name of Jewish supremacy.


Malaysia’s government announced Wednesday that it was imposing a ban on all Israeli owned and flagged ships, as well as any vessels headed to Israel, from docking at its ports.

The announcement by Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim’s office said the ban would take place with immediate effect and was in response to Israel’s conduct in its conflict with Hamas.

This sanction is a response to Israel’s actions that disregard the basic humanitarian principles and violate international law through the ongoing massacre and continuous cruelty against the Palestinian people,” the statement read.

Muslim–majority Malaysia has long championed Palestinian rights and causes. Like nearby Indonesia, Brunei, Bangladesh, the Maldives and Pakistan, it does not recognize Israel.

In a parliamentary speech made in November, Anwar said that the government would maintain ties with Hamas and “would not punish” the group following its October 7 rampage in Israel in which some 1,200 people were killed, mostly civilians, and saw more than 200 hostages taken.

Malaysian passports also bear the inscription: “Valid for all countries except Israel.” Israeli passport holders are forbidden to enter Malaysia without prior permission.

Who is going to fight for Israel?

Are American white men going to sign up for that job?