Georgia: Savannah Renames Square Named After Former Vice President, No White Men Considered

They should rename the park “Give Me That Shit, Bitch” or some such.

How about “I’ll Kill All Y’all Muthafukas” Square?


Nine months after leaders of Georgia’s oldest city stripped the name of a pro-slavery U.S. vice president from one of its public squares, nominees being considered for the green space’s new name include a Black woman who taught formerly enslaved people to read and write.

Susie King Taylor, who started a school for Black children and adults on the Georgia coast in 1862 with support from occupying Union soldiers, is among the finalists recommended for an honor Savannah hasn’t bestowed in 140 years: choosing a name to adorn one of the historic squares that are among the city’s signature features.

A pair of citizen advisory panels has submitted six names for Savannah’s city council to consider for a scheduled Aug. 24 vote on a new name for the square. In a big break with the city’s past, none of the finalists are white men.

Instead, the nominees are four Black people — a pastor, a formerly enslaved woman, a civil rights hero and an Army pilot — as well as Native Americans who inhabited the area when Savannah was founded and a group of women who in the 1950s put Savannah on the path to preserving its past.

“Regardless of what name is picked, it will be a name that represents more diversity in Savannah and sort of expands the story that Savannah tells about itself,” said Kristopher Monroe, chairman of the local Historic Site and Monument Commission that made its recommendations earlier this month.

Savannah is about blacks.

It’s the story of really important black people, like…


I don’t know, man, I’m trying to think of a joke.

The only important black people in American history are sports players and musicians. Blacks are good at sports and music. With other things? Not so much.

You could start making up fake historic figures, or just start saying Wakanda is real, but otherwise, unless you want to do “Bo Jackson Square” or “John Coltrane Square,” you’re going to run into a very serious problem.

Michael Jackson played baseball and football, making him one of the single most accomplished black men in history