Meatball “Ron” DeSantis Calls Trump Supporters “Listless Vessels”

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When I saw that Meatball “Ron” DeSantis had called Trump supporters “listless vessels,” I did the old Obi-Wan…

I can’t understand why someone would ever use that term again.

I thought I was done with this part of my life.

New York Post:

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis slammed MAGA supporters in Congress as “listless vessels” who abandoned their conservative principles to follow former President Donald Trump.

Rebuking those who call him a “RINO” – or Republican in Name Only – the Sunshine State governor told The Florida Standard that members of the GOP must follow their politics – not a persona – to win back the White House from President Biden in 2024.

If all we are is listless vessels that just supposed to follow, you know, whatever happens to come down the pipeline through Truth Social every morning, that’s not going to be a durable movement,” DeSantis told the conservative local media outlet in an interview published Saturday.

Ultimately, a movement can’t be about the personality of one individual, the movement has got to be about what are you trying to achieve on behalf of the American people? And that’s got to be based in principle,” he said.

You could be the most conservative person since sliced bread, and unless you’re kissing [Trump’s] rear end, they will somehow call you a RINO,” DeSantis said. “So it’s been totally detached from principle and what you actually believe and results, and it’s more about, you know, just what faction you happen to do.”

Adding to his attacks, DeSantis criticized Trump for failing to “drain the swamp” in DC by ridding the federal government of establishment bureaucrats – and pledged to do so himself.

“Donald Trump said he was going to drain the swamp, but yet he kept [FBI Director] Christopher Ray until the end of his term. You know, he didn’t fire [former NIAD director Anthony] Fauci,” he said, pledging to oust Ray on “Day 1” of his presidency, if elected.

It’s wacky.

DeSantis is taking the worst possible path. He is mixing up “I’m Trumpism without Trump” with “Trump and all his supporters are evil.”

Even people who would prefer DeSantis to Trump do not hate Trump, or want to see people attacking him. They definitely don’t hate Matt Gaetz and the other Congressmen who support Trump. It honestly looks like there is a Trump supporter advising DeSantis to self-destruct. I just can’t understand what he is doing.

Maybe it’s just when he doesn’t have a script he gets confused?

It’s clear now we’re looking at a Jeb type scenario.

Like Jeb, DeSantis was ultra-hyped by the media, and he’s just going to fall apart.

He’s already falling apart.

“Listless vessels” should become the new “Deplorables.”

I’m going to copyright the term “Listless Vessaball” so Jack Posobiec has to pay me to use the name for his gay event*.

*I guess this is probably an esoteric joke, especially since most readers of the Daily Stormer are 12 years old and don’t remember 2016. It’s a reference to “The Deploraball,” an event held by philosemitic Trump supporters after Hillary Clinton called Trump supporters “deplorables.” I personally like “listless vessels” better, just because it is so bizarre. I’m going to do some research into where that term has appeared. It sounds like something that would be used to refer to men in a novel written by a woman. It’s going to be big news if it’s exposed that Meatball Ron reads novels written by women.