German Media Goes Into Hysterics Over Blonde Girls with Braided Hair and Uniforms

Some blonde girls with braided hair and uniforms have walked through the woods in Germany. Hold the front page!

The German, and even Swiss, media has gone into hysterics over pictures posted on the internet by an organisation called Dresden Nazifrei (Dresden Nazi-free).

They show blonde-haired, pig-tailed girls walking through the woods wearing long skirts and brown uniforms with Wotan “Valknut” symbols on them, which, Bild newspaper assures us “is a Germanic symbol that stands for warriors fallen in battle and is popular among adherents of the far-right.”

Bild, Focus and 20 Minuten have all reported on this atrocious stroll through the woods in Saxony, calling it “disturbing.”


“As yet we have been unable to identify this group. It may be new, but is apparently a right-wing ‘völkisch’ youth organisation,” said Kerstin Köditz (53), regional MP for the Left Party and expert on the far-right scene.

The police have told the newspaper that they neither have criminal complaints filed in relation to the girl group, nor have relevant information about it. But the reports have been passed on to the state prosecutor.

We’re living in crazy times. These girls could professionally suck dick in real life or on the internet and the Establishment wouldn’t bat an eye. But if they walk through the woods with a Wotan symbol, the entire apparatus of state power mobilizes against them.