German Nationalist Party Demands to Know Number of Jews in the Town

Daily Stormer
November 16,2014

If it had been anyone else asking but a right wing group like Die Rechte, this would not be a news story.

The Jews in Germany are squealing for attention again. As usual, it is based around reinforcing the holohoax fable.

The German political party Die Rechte – The Right – has written to the mayor of Dortmund asking to know how many Jews live in that area, German outlet Die Welt has reported.

This is no different to the sort of question you get in a census, yet to the Jews it is the equivalent of opening a lampshade factory next to the synagogue.

Dennis Giemsch, the party member who made the request.
Dennis Giemsch, the party member who made the request.

Jews who live in Dortmund flipped.  One told the local news: “This is how it all began before. I don’t think it will come to that again but such things evoke terrible memories. I hope this will be used by the authorities as a building block in future legislation to ban them.”

The Jews are basically admitting that they thrive on secrecy.  If they are not up to anything, then what issue could there possibly be with knowing how many there are, where they are and what they’re up to?

Perhaps they needed to know the figures for an ‘affirmative action’ policy directed at Jews?

A Jew could care less if you call him a criminal snake when he acts like a criminal snake.  However, if you make the connection between his snake behavior and his member of the collective known as “the Jews,” he suddenly goes into a rage and demands you be silenced.