Germany: 96-Year-Old Woman to be Tried in Juvenile Court for Stenographing 11,000 Jews to Death

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The number one thing that the world needs to be focused on is Nazis in their 90s.

Deutsche Welle:

A 96-year-old former secretary at the Stutthof Nazi concentration camp will be tried at a north German juvenile court, accused of assisting in the systematic murder of thousands of people.

The regional Itzehoe court in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein said on Friday that the trial would provisionally start on September 30.

It decided to try the woman for the crimes in the Juvenile Chamber because she was a teenager when she worked as a secretary at the Stutthof camp near Gdansk during the Nazi occupation of Poland in World War II.

What is the woman accused of?

The 96-year-old, who worked as a civilian employee in the Stutthof Nazi concentration camp, is accused of aiding and abetting the murder of more than 11,000 people.

The indictment reads: “The defendant is charged with committing a crime as a stenographer and typist in the camp commandant’s office of the Stutthof former concentration camp between June 1943 and April 1945.”

It adds that she is alleged to have “assisted the camp commanders in the systematic killing of those imprisoned there.”

Why has she been charged?

The defendant has already been questioned a number of times about the Holocaust as a witness, according to the ARDꞌs Taggesschau.

She testified in a 1954 court case that all correspondence with the SS-Wirtschaftsverwaltungshauptamt had passed over her desk. Commandant Paul Werner Hoppe dictated letters and radio messages to her every day.

She has denied knowing anything about the killings at the camp.

A medical expert has examined the defendant and deemed that she is capable of standing trial.

This is the only way we’re going to be able to finally have democracy.