Germany: Cops Clear University Students Protesting Jew Slaughter in Gaza

If these people were supporting the Jews, the cops would’ve given them milk and cookies

Paris is cleared.

Amsterdam is cleared.

Berlin is cleared.

The world is safe for Jews, once more.


German police cleared a pro-Palestinian protest camp on Tuesday at a courtyard of the Freie Universitaet Berlin, which had called for a stop to Israel’s military operation in Gaza.

Some 100 people set up two dozen tents on the campus on Tuesday, joining a call by the so-called “Student Coalition Berlin” to occupy German universities.

Students from various Berlin universities joined the protest, carrying Palestinian flags and shouting slogans supporting Palestinians and denouncing Israel and Germany.

The student group demanded that criminal charges be dropped against students and others who had shown solidarity with Palestinians on campuses, and for the universities to publicly oppose planned reforms to Berlin’s senate that would enable the expulsion of students on political grounds.

They also urged banning police from the campus and reinstating academics and staff members of German universities and research institutes, who were expelled or defunded because of their political stance.

Freie Universität Berlin said the protesters tried to enter university rooms and lecture halls aiming to occupy them, and that the university filed criminal complaints and suspended lectures in several buildings.

“This kind of protest is not dialogue oriented. An occupation of university property is not acceptable. We welcome academic debate and dialogue – but not in this form,” said Guenter Ziegler, president of Freie Universität Berlin.

There’s a lot of shutting down going on.

Maybe this will change everyone’s beliefs, and make them enjoy watching Jews slaughter little children?

It’s worth a try, for sure.

If it doesn’t work, the cops are going to have to start killing people.

Same thing happened at Humboldt University a couple of days ago