Germany: Country in Turmoil After Two Randos Filmed Chanting “Foreigners Out”

This is the headline:

You then learn that it was two guys.

You can find two guys saying anything at all.

How is this news?


Two revelers at a festival in Bavaria were heard chanting “Foreigners out!” to the tune of “L’amour toujours,” police said, just days after a video of several youths doing the same in Sylt surfaced on social media.

Two off-duty police officers reported hearing racist chants while attending the Bergkirchweih festival in Erlangen, Bavaria, German authorities say.

According to the police statement, the officers noticed two men, aged 21 and 26, were yelling “Foreigners out!” while the song “L’amour toujours” was playing in one of the festival venues on Friday evening.

The cops then started doing Mission: Impossible type shit.

The officers alerted the venue security, with the guests eventually “expelled from the pub” and banned from the festival, according to a police statement. Germany’s internal security agency has launched an investigation.

Ask yourself: if in 1942, two randos were heard yelling “bring back the Jews!”, would the SS open an investigation?

Would it be a top headline in Der Sturmer?

The latest incident comes only days after a viral video which showed several young people chanting the same slogan to the same tune in an expensive restaurant in Sylt, an island resort in northern Germany. At least one of the youths in the Sylt video is giving the Hitler salute with his fingers on his upper lip to mimic the Hitler moustache.

The video caused uproar across the country. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and other top political leaders condemned the Sylt incident, with Scholz decrying the chants as “disgusting” and “unacceptable.”

Again, imagine the same scenario: in 1942, a few rando young people are at a restaurant jokingly chanting “bring back the Jews” while dancing around, and Adolf Hitler goes on the radio and gives a speech denouncing them.

This is absurd.

But it makes sense. The current system is incredibly fragile. Nationalism is the most powerful force of human organization, and this kind of sentiment can spread like wildfire. That is why they have to make an example of everyone. Rando young people chanting “foreigners out” actually is a threat to the entire system of present day Germany.

Conversely, people chanting “bring back the Jews” could never be a threat to Nazism. Everyone would just be like “lol okay retard, do you know what those Jews were doing? We know you do know, because everyone knows.”

It should be encouraging that the government goes insane to the point of intelligence investigations and official statements by the Chancellor over a few kids joking about immigrants. It shows just how unstable this system is.

Nature is always trying to reassert itself. It takes a huge amount of pressure to uphold a system this unnatural.