Boston Mayor Wants to Let Migrants and 11-Year-Old Kids Vote in Public Funds Budgeting

Eh, just let the kids vote then, eh?

Just because they’re kids or a mentally retarded immigrant doesn’t mean they’re not equipped to decide how the government should be run.

The core concept of democracy is that everyone decides everything (and then Jews decide if they agree with it) and then that is the new policy.

New York Post:

Boston’s woke mayor Michelle Wu has been ripped over a “tone-deaf” and “unserious” plan to give kids as young as 11 and undocumented migrants voting power when it comes to deciding how millions of dollars in public funds are doled out.

The city’s new participatory budgeting voting process, which will go into effect from July, gives ordinary Bostonians the ability to decide how a portion of the city’s budget will be spent, the Boston Herald reported.

City Councilor Ed Flynn, a Democrat, slammed the new process — specifically the involvement of children — during a committee hearing reviewing Wu’s fiscal year 2025 budget earlier this week.

He also aired his grievances in a letter to the Office of Participatory Budgeting’s director, Renato Castelo, in which he flagged his “unequivocal and vehement opposition” to the looming process.

“During this time of great fiscal uncertainty — with a study warning that remote work policies and the city’s declining commercial property values may cost us $500 million in revenue annually, as well as a subsequent proposal to also tax commercial property at a higher rate — now more than ever, it is critical that we show the taxpayers of Boston that we take our financial responsibilities seriously,” Flynn wrote.

Allowing children to decide the usage of taxpayer dollars would do just the opposite, and be viewed as tone-deaf, unserious and wholly inappropriate by my constituents.”

It’s serious and saying it’s not serious is just obvious sexism.

We have to listen to women and their stupid ideas, and then do whatever they say.