Germany: Doctor Gets Jail Sentence, Huge Fine for Giving Vax and Mask Exemptions

Dr. Bianca Witzschel

This woman was literally just trying to help people out if they didn’t want to take the vax. She also didn’t believe they needed it.

And that is illegal.

Even though it’s now basically admitted that no one needed it and it is killing a lot of people for no reason.

Life Site News:

A German doctor has been sentenced to two years and eight months in jail for issuing mask and COVID shot exemptions.

The 67-year-old Dr. Bianca Witzschel was also banned from working as a doctor for three years and fined around €47,000 ($ 50,472), which the court claims is equal to the amount that she reportedly made for issuing around 1,000 exemptions.

Apollo News reports that Witzschel is said to have issued “fake” certificates that exempted patients from wearing masks or receiving the experimental COVID jab in 1,003 cases across Germany between 2021 and 2022.

The court also punished Witzschel for the possession of a stun gun without a license.

A bunch of people turned out to support her at the trial

The ruling also mentioned the fact that the 67-year-old is said to have identified herself as a member of the “Reichsbürger” movement – a group that is said to reject the modern German state – and to have been part of the “Indigenous People of the Germanites.”

The German judge completely disregarded overwhelming evidence that the experimental COVID injections have caused millions of deaths and serious injuries and the dramatic recent pronouncement from a former Japanese government minister apologizing for such deaths, as well as widespread evidence that masks do not stop the spread of COVID and can actually harm users.

The case of the doctor was treated like that of an exceptionally dangerous, violent criminal by German authorities. Witzschel had been held in custody since February 28, 2023. The first day of the trial took place on November 14, eight months after her imprisonment. The trial began not in the usual criminal courtroom at Dresden District Court but in a high-security wing of the Dresden prison on Hammerweg. In addition, Witzschel was led into the courtroom by several security officers on the first day of trial, Apollo News reported.

In the run-up to the court case, authorities had already carried out large-scale searches of witnesses’ homes. The police searched 140 private homes, mainly in Bavaria. A total of 174 exemptions were seized. According to Apollo News, 360 police officers were involved in the house searches.

After Witschel was arrested in February 2023, journalist Boris Reitschuster compared the immense effort and resources that the German authorities put into her case to much worse, violent criminals who often receive more lenient treatment.

“If the state almost regularly lets serious criminals go free because the justice system is overwhelmed and child molesters, for example, get off without prison sentences time and time again, while at the same time crimes with a political background are prosecuted excessively, then critical journalism must contrast this,” Reitschuster wrote.

According to the state-funded news show “Tagesschau,” supporters of Witzschel had to be escorted out of the courtroom when the judge read the verdict, as they started complaining loudly and sang the German national anthem.

Yes, the connection between patriotism and not wanting to take this vax is a threat to the Ukraine and the Jews.

You know who also didn’t take the vax?

Adolf Hitler.

Good thing the Ukraine stuff started, or else we’d still be doing this

But seriously, did you guys see Anthony Fauci get BTFO in Congress a couple of weeks ago?

The government is basically admitting the whole pandemic was a gigantic hoax and they’re just blaming this weasel.

The next pandemic though… that’s going to be the real one.

So it’s a good thing we had this fake pandemic so we would be ready for the real one.