Oklahoma Public Schools Now Required to Teach the Bible and the Ten Commandments

The federal government won’t let them do this.

What we need is for some state to do this and then have the feds tell them they can’t and for the state to say “well, we’re doing it anyway, you’re going to have to send in your cops to fight our cops.”

I don’t support it.

But that’s what has to happen.

The Guardian:

Oklahoma’s state superintendent has announced that all schools are required to teach the Bible and the Ten Commandments, a dramatic move that reignites the conversation about the separation of church and state.

In a state board of education meeting on Thursday, state superintendent of public instruction Ryan Walters announced a new memo “that every school district will adhere to, which is that every teacher, every classroom in the state will have a Bible in the classroom and will be teaching from the Bible in the classroom to ensure that this historical understanding is there for every student in the state of Oklahoma in accordance with our academic standards and state law”.

Walters called the Bible “one of the most foundational documents used for the constitution and the birth of our country”.

Ryan Walters

He added: “The Bible is a necessary historical document to teach our kids about the history of this country, to have a complete understanding of western civilization, to have an understanding of the basis of our legal system.”

Walters is also behind the recent push to create a new religious charter school which, like public schools, are funded by taxpayer dollars. But in a 6-2 decision, the Oklahoma supreme court ruled that the contract between the Oklahoma statewide virtual charter school board and the religious charter school was unconstitutional.’

Yeah, if you’re gonna do this, you have to be ready to go all the way.

Doing it and then the feds telling you you can’t and then saying “oh look, this is unfair” – that shit is not cutting it anymore.

Everyone knows the feds are unfair. We get it.

If you’re going to go to war with the feds, you need to be ready to ride or die.