Front Pages of Mainstream Media Show Sadness About Biden Debate Performance, Talking About Replacing Him

So, Joe Biden’s performance at the debate was pretty much what I think any normal person would have expected.

He was drugged up and coherent in parts, and very incoherent in other parts.

The reactions of the mainstream media are actually surprising, sort of.

These are all from the front page of the main outlets this morning.

USA Today:


New York Times:


NBC News:

The Washington Post:

ABC News:

BBC News: 

Sky News:

Daily Mail:

Moreover, they are now talking about replacing him with someone else as a result of this “unmitigated disaster” at the debate.

(These are all articles that are being promoted, if not at the top of the page like the ones above.)

NBC News: 

ABC News:


Sky News: 

The Telegraph: 

The Guardian: 

So, are they actually going to try to replace him?

I have no idea.

I thought they would do that in May, and they didn’t. But others were saying they would wait and do it later.

It’s impossible that they thought his debate performance would be better than it was. Or I don’t know, maybe the doctors who gave him the drugs were assuring a better performance. I assume some of the drugs he was on were experimental, and maybe the Biden Team was convinced by the doctors they could make him more coherent.

It’s pretty rough when CNN’s own poll looks like this:

Obviously, the election is fake.

Biden can get 33% of the votes, and they can just say he won.

Of course, that could cause problems. Normal people could start thinking “fuck this bullshit, I should just buy a Hilux.”

The government can do whatever they want to anyone, right now. But they are always at risk of masses of people losing their shit and buying Hiluxes.

Special thanks to Mel Gibson for his help collecting the above links.