Germany: Far Right Judge Decides 96-Year-Old Nazi Unfit to Stand Trial

Trolling some Jew bitch on Twitter is a literal act of terrorism, but stuff like this is perfectly fine

Just try to imagine the concept of having a trial for a crime that was allegedly committed 75 years ago.

The reason there is a “statute of limitations” on crimes, as a default, is that it is impossible to have real evidence of something that happened after a certain period of time.

This is pure sadism. What they are doing is rounding up every single Nazi soldier that is still alive and prosecuting them for mass murder, without any evidence.


A court in Germany has declared a 96-year-old former Nazi camp guard unfit to stand trial but ruled that he should pay his own legal fees.

The man, named as Harry S, was accused of complicity in the murder of several hundred people at Stutthof Camp.

The court in Wuppertal said there was a “high degree of probability” he was guilty of the crimes.

His is one of three recent cases related to the Stutthof camp, which was located in then Nazi-occupied Poland.

Bruno Dey, 93, was handed a two-year suspended prison sentence last July after being found guilty of complicity in the murder of more than 5,000 prisoners.

In February, 95-year-old Irmgard F – who was a secretary at Stutthof – became one of the few women to be charged with aiding and abetting Nazi-era mass murder.

Harry S was a guard at Stutthof between June 1944 and May 1945.

He is alleged to have overseen the transportation of nearly 600 prisoners to the gas chambers at Auschwitz-Birkenau camp in September 1944.

He was charged with aiding and abetting in their murder in 2017.

Stutthof also had gas chambers and was notorious for the atrocious conditions in which some 100,000 inmates were kept. Many died of disease and starvation, while others were gassed, shot or given lethal injections.

They forgot the worst part of all.

As the article notes, they passed a new law ten years ago to allow for this sadistic Jewish revenge fantasy to play out.

Germany has been pursuing former Nazi camp workers since a landmark ruling in 2011 that convicted a former guard, John Demjanjuk, as an accessory to mass murder. He died pending an appeal, but the verdict set a legal precedent.

Previously, courts had required evidence of former SS guards’ direct involvement in atrocities.

The rest of the Western world, including the United States, is going along with it.

Just last month, the US deported a man from Tennessee who had been living in the United States for more than 60 years, and had US citizenship, to face one of these kangaroo courts.

It really shows the sick nature of the Jews, hunting down and abusing the extremely elderly like this.

It’s gross.