Germany: Man Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison for Posting on the Internet in Support of Russia

Clearly, charges involving assaulting a journalist and owning a knife complicate the sentence, but the three years is specifically for internet posts supporting Russia.

Republic World:

The Hamburg Regional Court has handed down a three-year prison sentence to Marcel J., a 32-year-old individual, for the crime of supporting Russia’s aggressive war against Ukraine. The court ruling was reported by Die Welt and European Pravda. The main factor contributing to the three-year sentence was the defendant’s prior conviction in April by the Berlin District Court for assaulting a journalist. Due to legal requirements, a “total sentence” needed to be formed, leading to the extended punishment.

The Berlin court had previously sentenced Marcel J. to two years and four months in prison for the assault. The Hamburg court indictment revealed that the defendant had used social media to justify Russia’s aggressive actions against Ukraine, referring to Ukraine as a “terrorist state.” He also operated a Telegram channel associated with the ultra-nationalist Russian Drugaya Rossiya (Other Russia) party, utilizing its name and logo.

Marcel J. also faced charges of violating the Weapons Act for possessing a prohibited knife. He is apparently an advocate of Russian President Vladimir Putin and ideological figures like ultranationalist Alexander Dugin. The prosecution described him as a follower of “pro-Russian National Bolshevik ideas.” Moreover, the defendant employed the Russian symbol of military propaganda known as the “Z,” which is prohibited under German law.

This is the problem with a democracy – they force you to believe things, and if you refuse, they put you in prison.

They even force you to support their insane agenda of fighting wars of aggression against the whole world. You have no choice. You have to agree with everything the government does, or they will destroy you.

This is one of several reasons people are calling for an end to democracy and a restoration of basic human freedoms.