Germany: Outrage After 99-Year-Old Nazi Ruled Unfit for Trial

Gregor Formanek personally killed exactly 3,300 kikes, mostly with his bare teeth, and now he’ll never face justice for his crimes.

The Sun:

AN SS guard dubbed the last Nazi after being tracked down by The Sun has escaped trial.

Gregor Formanek, 99, is accused of the “cruel and treacherous killing” of 3,300 people at Sachsenhausen concentration camp – where 100,000 prisoners died in all.

But despite being unveiled living independently with his wife in a £400,000 apartment near Frankfurt, a court has ruled him unfit to stand trial.

Previously healthy Formanek had been expected to become the last Nazi to face justice for the appalling crimes of the Holocaust.

Formanek, born in Romania, as the son of a German-speaking master tailor, joined the SS on July 4, 1943 and was a member of the Sachsenhausen guard battalion in Brandenburg.

Set up in 1936, the camp was seen as a training ground for Hitler’s mass extermination.

More than 200,000 prisoners passed through Sachsenhausen, notorious for its gas chambers and labs for horrifying medical experiments.

Oh, yeah?

It was a transit station and a mass murder facility?


It must have been like at the airport, where when you get off the plane there is a sign pointing to “gas chamber” and another pointing to “transit (to a gas chamber at some other death camp).”

Very interesting historical facts.

An incriminating document from the Main Personnel Office of the SS has confirmed Formanek’s chilling past.

The SS guard is said to have “supported the cruel and insidious killing of thousands of prisoners”.

At the end of the war Formanek was arrested by the Red Army and served just ten years behind bars before being released and working as a porter.

Dr Hans-Jürgen Förster, lawyer for the joint plaintiffs, told BILD: “We can lodge an appeal against the decision within a week. We will do that.”

The public prosecutor’s office in Giessen also intends to lodge an appeal.

A final decision will then be made by the Higher Regional Court in Frankfurt/Main.

Carmen Whitmore, 68, of Market Harborough, Leics., whose uncle, Great Escape pilot Jimmy James, was at Sachsenhausen – previously blasted: “Nazis need to be held accountable.”

Nazi-hunter Dr Efraim Zuroff, from The Simon Wiesenthal Centre, added that the old age doesn’t re-write Formanek’s crimes.

The “Nazi Hunter” doesn’t like it when the goyim whine about getting killed; only Jews are allowed to do that

He noted that the former SS man enjoyed the luxury of living to a ripe age undetected – unlike those whose lives he didn’t spare.

“But the fight continues against the lies – about Holocaust distortion.”

If anything was going to make the Germans snap out of this Holocaust lunacy, it would be rounding up all these men in their 90s and accusing them of mass murder with no evidence.

Frankly, this is the same level of nastiness as Jews murdering all those Palestinian kids.

I’m not saying it’s as bad as mass murdering children. But it is very clearly the same spirit of pure hatred.

“Jews are the ultimate victims of everyone but also they control everything and sadistically murder and torture children and old people.”

It’s not a sustainable narrative.

Something is going to have to give.

Behind every Nazi butcher, there’s a woman propping him so he doesn’t fall and break his hip