Germany: Peak Democracy as Government Starts Openly Spying on Opposition Party

The thing about democracy is that it dies in darkness.

That’s why you have to shine the light of spying on anyone who might be possibly thought to maybe not like democracy.


Germany’s BfV domestic intelligence service has formally placed the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) under surveillance on suspicion of trying to undermine Germany’s democratic constitution, a person briefed on the move said on Wednesday.

After four years ago becoming the first avowedly anti-immigrant party to enter the German parliament, the AfD now becomes the first party to be monitored in this way since the Nazi era ended in 1945.

It was propelled into the Bundestag in 2017 by voters angry with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to welcome more than one million migrants. But it has been ostracized by other parties, which say its rhetoric contributes to an atmosphere of hatred that encourages violence against immigrants.

It was definitely more than one million. And more than two million.

No one knows the exact number, but whatever it was, it was enough to make a few people mad enough to vote for a pro-Israel anti-immigration party.

The BfV’s move follows a two-year review of the AfD’s political platform, and will allow the agency to eavesdrop on calls and conversations involving AfD members and scrutinize party funding.

There’s never any surveillance for the other parties, whose members are constantly attacking AfD politicians and supporters

A spokeswoman for the BfV declined to comment, citing a court case brought by the AfD, but the party was furious.

“The agenda is clear. First we are made a ‘case to investigate’, now we are a ‘suspected case’ and are under surveillance — and at some point there will be a request to ban our party,” said Alexander Gauland, the AfD’s parliamentary floor leader. “That, thank God, will be a decision for the Constitutional Court and not the BfV.”

Gauland and AfD co-leader Tino Chrupalla told a news conference that they had only learnt about the decision, first reported by the magazine Der Spiegel, from media reports. They accused the BfV of trying to hurt their chances in September’s national election.

It’s obviously part of a plot to destroy the party.

What else could it be? If the party is being freely elected, then that is supposed to be “democracy,” right?

Where the people vote for their choice?

This is perfectly in line with the German constitution