Germany: The Science Claims Man Who Got Over 200 Covid Jabs is Perfectly Fine

If this isn’t a psy-op, then this guy is the luckiest retard in the universe.

The Hill:

A German man intentionally received more than 200 COVID-19 vaccinations, but researchers found that he was fine, and showed no side effects.

The Lancet, a scientific journal, published a report earlier this week that looked into the 62-year-old man from Magdeburg — a town roughly 2 hours from Berlin — who deliberately received 217 of the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine over a period of 29 months.

Researchers noted that he received the vaccines outside of a clinical study and against national vaccine recommendations.

They also concluded that although the man’s “hypervaccination” did not result in any side effects, it also did not significantly improve his immune response.

A public prosecutor in Magdeburg opened an investigation into the case alleging fraud, but no criminal charges were filed. Researchers filed a request with the man, who was not named in the study, to analyze the immunological response to abnormal vaccine dosage.

He provided medical information and donated blood and saliva. The man did not report any vaccine-related side effects and has not tested positive for COVID since the experts began examining his case in May 2022.

The study found that the man had more T cells than others who had received three COVID vaccine doses, but they were just as effective as those who received the normal dose. Thus, the researchers were unable to determine whether the initial recommended doses prevented him from testing positive, or if the additional vaccines were a direct cause.

The man reported receiving 217 shots between June 2021 and Nov. 2023. Of the reported vaccinations, 134 were confirmed by the prosecutor through vaccination center documentation, and 83 were self-reported by the man.

It definitely seems made up.

But maybe the guy is Jewish and has immunity to the vax.