Israel Jews Prefer Trump to Biden

As I wrote earlier this week, the prospect of a wider war in the Middle East changes the entire dynamics of the 2024 election, and could in fact result in a Trump “win.”

Times of Israel:

Forty-four percent of Israelis would rather see former US president Donald Trump return to the White House in 2025, compared to 30% who would prefer US President Joe Biden be elected for a second term, according to a poll published by Channel 12 on Tuesday evening.

An additional 26% said they didn’t know which of the two men they would rather see elected.

Among respondents who voted for parties in the current government coalition, 72% said they preferred Trump while 8% said they preferred Biden. When asked the same question, 55% of respondents who voted for parties sitting in the opposition preferred Biden and 23% said they would rather see Trump return.

This isn’t a surprise to anyone.

But it goes towards the point that Israel is likely going to be meddling in the US election on Trump’s behalf.

And they’re going to want a whole lot in return.