Germany: Vile Neo-Reactionaries Force Catholic Daycare Center to Cancel Planned Masturbation Room

St. Rochus daycare in Kerpen

Children are non-sexual, but apparently someone figured out that they can experience sexual stimulation even though they don’t have a sexual drive.

You know who figured that out?

Was it Chinese communists?

Was it Russian authoritarians?

Was it Islamic terrorists?

Or was it the same group digging secret tunnels under New York City for unknown purposes*?

Life Site News:

A Catholic daycare center in Germany planned a masturbation room where children can “pleasure themselves physically.”

The German newspaper Bild recently published parts of the highly controversial education of the daycare center St. Rochus in Kerpen concept.

The sex education concept stated that individual children were allowed to “withdraw into a protected space according to their needs in order to discover and pleasure themselves physically (this is not permitted in public spaces and in the presence of others).”

From the daycare’s site

The concept further states that “when a toddler plays with its private parts and touches them with obvious pleasure, it knows nothing of social taboos, of what is not ‘proper,’ let alone that what it is doing is considered indecent or dirty. It explores and discovers its body and likes to linger where it feels particularly good.”

The case of the daycare center in Kerpen first became public when the Alternative for Germany (AfD) Party exposed several daycare centers with highly sexualized “education concepts” in the fall of 2023.

After the concept drew heavy criticism, it was deleted from the kindergarten’s website and has since been “under revision.”

A spokesperson for the city of Kerpen who visited and reviewed the St. Rochus daycare center told Bild that the concept could have been “misinterpreted.”

“For this reason, this concept was removed from the internet in November 2023 and has been under revision ever since,” the spokesperson added.

Asked by Bild, the Archdiocese of Cologne explained that a room “where children can withdraw for physical experiences” does not exist at St. Rochus. However, “In the old concept of the St. Rochus facility, there were formulations that could be misinterpreted.”

Pro-family organization condemns daycare centers for endangering children

The German pro-family organization “Demo für Alle” condemned the concept because it sexualizes toddlers and “sexualized children can become victims of pedophiles all the more easily.”

“The daycare concept contains some monstrosities: ‘Doctor games’ and ‘freedom to try out their childish sexuality’ are planned for the children,” Demo für Alle wrote in a statement.

Dolls used at another kindergarten that had a “masturbation room,” as shown in Die Welt last year

The concept furthermore claims that children develop a “sexual identity” at 18 months and “often use sexualized language” from age six.

“Instead of protecting children from this, such a concept promotes the sexualization of even the youngest children!” Demo für Alle noted. “This is highly dangerous in several respects; in particular, sexualized children can all the more easily become victims of paedosexuals.”

“The root of the evil lies in the unproven and dangerous underlying thesis of the daycare concept that children are ‘sexual beings from birth.’ This thesis, which has been exposed as unscientific, goes back to the notorious founder of today’s widespread sex education, Helmut Kentler, who for decades operated a pedo-criminal ring of sex offenders and sexually abused children himself.”

“It is therefore not enough to simply revise such a daycare concept. It is superfluous, harmful, and must be completely scrapped. After all, sex education concepts are voluntary in NRW [North-Rhine Westphalia], unlike protection concepts,” Demo für Alle concluded.

WHO promotes ‘early childhood masturbation’

The idea of “masturbation rooms” for very small children and other perverse “sexual education” concepts is not limited to several German daycare centers.

The 2010 WHO sex-ed guidelines for Europe call for sexual education from birth and advises educators to teach infants and toddlers about “early childhood masturbation.”

*It was the tunnelers.

The “French” tunneler and 1968 movement leader Daniel Cohn-Bendit is a very obvious example. He wrote about pioneering “exploring sexuality” with kindergarten kids.

There was a lot of this going on with Jews in France and Germany in the 1960s and 1970s.

Jews were also doing it in Germany in the 1920-30s until a certain man with a mustache put an end to that funny business.

Germany has been the prime target for this kind of thing since they lost the war