German Government Again Staging Pro-Government “Protests” Against Opposition

It was under Angela Merkel that it was first noted by the Daily Stormer that the German government was organizing astroturfed “protests” against the political enemies of the ruling government.

This is a very interesting and intelligent way to deal with the opposition. You make it appear as if there is organic support for the government.

To my knowledge, Germany is the only country that does this, at least effectively. The US government obviously sets up all these fake protests against foreign governments, but those are a totally different model, where the US uses social media to create “organic” support among university students, women, ethnic minorities, and homosexuals.

Germany has a unique model of directly organizing fake protests in support of the government.

The Guardian:

Thousands of people across Germany have taken to the streets for a fourth consecutive day to voice their opposition to the far-right populist AfD party after politicians from the party met neo-Nazis to discuss a “master plan” for the mass deportation of asylum seekers and German citizens of foreign origin.

Protests have taken place in Leipzig, Rostock, Essen and Berlin in recent days.

The AfD’s leadership has sought to distant itself from the gathering in November on the outskirts of Potsdam, west of Berlin, which was revealed by the investigative journalism network Correctiv on Wednesday. However, several party members were involved and have since voiced their support for the ideas discussed.

On Monday, Alice Weidel, the co-chair of the party, announced she was parting ways with her adviser Roland Hartwig, after his participation in the event was confirmed. Weidel said she had had no knowledge of his involvement and said the AfD did not support the deportation plan.

Party members said Hartwig, a former manager of the chemicals firm Bayer who spent four years sitting as an AfD MP, was an important and respected member of the AfD and would continue to play an important role behind the scenes, prompting accusations that Weidel’s decision had been a tactical move to appear to distance herself and the party from the event.

Olaf Scholz and members of his cabinet actually went to one of these. The people running the country protested the opposition in the streets. This is so weird it has never been featured in dystopian fiction, ever, that I’m aware of. 

Among MPs to publicly express their support for the ideas discussed at the meeting was René Springer, a representative for the state of Brandenburg in the federal government. On X, he stated that far from being a secret, the plan was a promise the AfD would fulfil should it get into power. “We will send foreigners back to their homelands. Millions of them. That is not a #secret plan. That is a promise,” he wrote.

German media have not held back in drawing parallels between the Potsdam meeting and the notorious Wannsee conference of 1942, when high-ranking Nazis and government figures gathered at a lakeside villa to discuss how to coordinate the implementation of the Nazi plan for the mass extermination of Europe’s Jews.

Wolfgang Thierse, a former president of the German parliament who is considered a moral authority in the country, threw his weight behind an initiative to explore the possibility of banning the party on the grounds of anti-constitutionality.

He also offered his support for a petition looking to revoke the basic rights of prominent party members considered to be enemies of the constitution. A petition specifically directed against the Thuringia AfD’s group leader, Björn Höcke, has gained traction since the Potsdam meeting was revealed and by Tuesday had garnered more than 830,000 signatures.

Representatives of the judiciary issued a joint statement on Monday, condemning the meeting.

“What was conjured up in a small circle in Potsdam in November is more than just a horrifying vision. More specifically it is an attack on the constitution and the liberal constitutional state,” the German Association of Judges, the German Lawyers’ Association and four affiliating organisations said.

Thierse told the broadcaster DLF that “shoulder shrugging” was an inadequate reaction to the rise of the 11-year-old AfD, which has been surging in the polls in recent months.

“Our democracy is in a critical state,” he said. “Some of this reminds us of events 90 years ago. In 1930, the Nazi party stood at 14 or 15%, and three years later it was in power and had done away with democracy.”

The European parliament is due to debate the resurgence of neo-fascism across the continent on Tuesday evening, after a last-minute agenda item was added to address a chilling video from Italy that appeared to show hundreds of men making fascist salutes earlier this month.

The debate was put on the agenda by the The Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats (S&D). Its members were “outraged and distressed” by the images, the S&D leader, Iratxe García, said in a statement.

“The rise of neo-fascism is a dark cloud that looms across parts of Europe,” García said. “It is both unacceptable and alarming that in 2024 we still bear witness to such scenes.”

It’s strange that this is not being employed by the United States. The closest thing the US does to this is organize Antifa to attack right-wingers in public places.

Right now, large pro-Biden, anti-Trump protests would seem to be something very obvious that the government would want. It would confuse everyone.

Why didn’t Scholz go to this protest too?