Global Day of Jihad: Videos Show Jordanians and Lebanese Climbing Israel’s Border Wall

The former leader of Hamas has declared a global Jihad day, and videos are spreading online alleging to show Lebanese and Jordanians climbing over the Israeli border wall.

These videos are not confirmed.

It is confirmed that people are getting stabbed outside the Israeli Embassy… in Beijing.

New York Post:

Harrowing video appears to catch the moment a staffer at the Israeli Embassy in Beijing was stabbed on a sidewalk – on the day that Hamas’ former leader called on all members of Islam to wage a “day of Jihad.”

The Israeli Embassy staffer, who has not been identified, is seen being stabbed repeatedly by the male assailant Friday after a brief struggle as he lies on a sidewalk, according to the South China Morning Post.

The victim manages to get away and the attacker limps off after the brutal incident as passersby look on. A trail of blood is left behind.

The employee was transferred to hospital and he is in a stable condition,” the Israeli Foreign Ministry said in a statement, without giving additional details.

It added that Israeli officials were still trying to assess the “background” of what happened in the shocking incident. China did not immediately acknowledge the assault.

The attack comes after Israel had criticized China for its statement that followed Hamas’ attack on the Jewish state on Saturday.

Just before making the announcement, the Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying that Ambassador Rafi Harpaz had spoken with the Chinese envoy for the Middle East, Zhai Jun, to express his country’s “deep disappointment” over China’s comments.

Yeah, China is not playing the Jew Tears game.

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We’ve got stuff happening everywhere.

This is the real global war.

What Hamas did, for good or ill, is making everyone choose sides.

Probably, we need a big analysis on how the Abraham Accords, implemented under Donald Trump by Mike Pompeo and Jared Kushner, led directly to this point.

Basically, the Abraham Accords involved bribing a bunch of Moslem countries to open relations with Israel, in a way that would isolate Palestine and Iran, which left the Palestinians feeling they had no option but to force the issue.

They attack Israel, Israel responds with utter slaughter.

Now, everyone has to choose sides.