Jews Trying to Ruin Lives of Students Caught on Video Tearing Down Jewish Propaganda Posters

What these Jews are saying is that college students who are moved by conscience to support Gaza should have their entire lives ruined.

These are teenagers, who are emotionally moved by what is happening in Gaza (for instance, bombing hospitals).

Jews are saying they should never be allowed to work, ever, in their lives.

New York Post:

Young people were caught on camera on NYU’s campus tearing down posters of hostages in the Israel-Hamas war, prompting social media outcry and calls for the university to hold the perpetrators accountable.

Three people can be seen outside NYU’s Tisch Hall in videos circulating social media ripping down dozens of posters, which have been plastered across the Big Apple to shine a light on those who have been kidnapped since Hamas attacked Israel on Oct. 7.

No one stops the group from ripping down the posters, but afterward, an onlooker can be heard on video calling the aftermath “terrible, terrible, terrible.”

Videos and social media posts, including one shared by the Students Supporting Israel NYU Chapter, identify the individuals as students.

“Today, we witnessed 2 NYU students violently tearing down posters of kidnapped babies, mothers, and grandmothers hanging outside of NYU Buildings,” the group wrote on X.

This was done in a laughing manner, exhibiting complete disregard for Jewish lives and Jewish safety,” SSI NYU added.

The group, which describes itself on its social media as a “grassroots movement,” said it is working to identify the trio involved.

NYU did not immediately return The Post’s request for comment Tuesday morning.

An Instagram post sharing the images and videos, which gained nearly 11,000 likes in a day, urged NYU to “hold these cowards accountable.”

No one cares about Jewish safety anymore, Jews.

We’ve sat here and watched you slaughter people for over a week. We’ve watched you tell women and children to evacuate, and then bombed them while they were evacuating according to your directions.

We’ve watched you indiscriminately bomb apartment buildings.

We’ve watched you bomb the Baptist hospital, killing over 500 people.

All while you filthy kike cowards are too scared to launch a ground offensive.

No one cares if you die, Jews.

The whole world sees what you are: you are psychopathic monsters on a campaign of genocide.

People don’t care if you die, and a lot of people want to see you dead.

You could have played the Hamas attack for sympathy. You didn’t. Instead, you made yourselves the least sympathetic people on earth.

Demanding that people care about you and your supposed suffering is only making people more disgusted and angry.

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