Google Unleashes Woke AI to Warn About Problematic Words While Typing

Twitter might be going free, but everything else is getting more and more Jewish.

If Elon is successful with Twitter, however, and actually does what he says he is going to do – then why would people put up with these other companies being so absurdly Jewish?

New York Post:

Google has rolled out a new “inclusive language” function that is intended to steer its users away from what it deems to be politically incorrect words, like “landlord” and “mankind.”

Google Docs introduced the “woke” feature this month that shows pop-up warnings to people typing in words or phrases considered to be non-inclusive, such as “policeman,” “fireman” or “housewife.”

The online word processor’s algorithm will alert them that their chosen terms “may not be inclusive to all readers” and then goes a step further by suggesting alternative, more inclusive words to use.

For example, it might suggest “humankind” instead of the gendered “mankind,” or “police officer” instead of “policeman.”

The new AI-powered language feature, called “assistive writing,” has been widely panned by critics, who have accused the search engine of being both intrusive and preachy.

Vice writers found that when they attempted to type in the words “annoyed” and “Motherboard,” these seemingly innocuous terms were flagged for being insufficiently inclusive.

Meanwhile, a transcription of an interview with former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke, where he uses the n-word and says a host of other reprehensible things about black people, raised no red flags.

It might be impossible to get an AI to love niggers.

Machine learning has created all kinds of problems for these Jews.

They just keep going back to the drawing board, as their ultimate dream is a world where everyone’s thoughts are controlled by a mega Jewish computer.