GOP Gets REKT in Virginia State Elections – AWFL Who Gave Trump the Finger Wins Local Office

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 7, 2019

How could you mess this up so badly? These people need to be thrown out into the street for their incompetence.


A woman who was fired for raising her middle finger at US President Donald Trump’s motorcade has been elected to local office in Virginia.

Juli Briskman’s hand gesture went viral in 2017, leading to her losing a job with a government contractor.

The single mother won more than 52% of the vote to be elected district representative in Loudoun county.

Again, the GOP is criminally incompetent. How can you lose to a AWFL she-shrew in the age of Trump?

You will recall that Virginia was at the heart of a satanic postnatal abortion scandal earlier in the year. You’d think that the Republicans could have ridden the wave of outrage about AWFLs wanting to kill newborns to victory in the elections, but you’d be wrong.

At the state level, US Democrats have seized full control of the Virginia legislature.

The results of the state elections mean the Democrats have full control of both legislative chambers in Virginia for the first time in more than 20 years.

Is anybody even surprised at this point? Again and again these clowns manage to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. And people are right to point out that migrants had something to do with flipping the state and that every single battleground state is on the verge of flipping, but there is a culture war that has be fought as well – only no one is doing it.

THIS is why we need the Groyper Inquisition in America right now – to purge the GOP of LOSERS and grifters who cannot win elections and who cannot stop this country from descending into Third World barbarity.

This country deserves a better class of conservative – and we’re going to give it to them. Once we wrest control of the Conservative movement out from under the shills, we’re going to start winning again and winning bigly.

Not before then though.

We have to put the choice before Americans: do you want to win this war or do you want to keep losing because of the incompetence of the GOP establishment and their blithe indifference to the burning issues of our time: Demographics, Degeneracy and (the) Diaspora?

Once we frame the debate in those terms, we will win and it will be glorious.