Blacks Getting Sick of Having Gay Anal Forced Down Their Throats

If you’ve lost the blacks, you’ve lost America.


Bahta Mekonnen, a 28-year-old U.S. Army captain from the key voting state of Georgia, is among the millions of Black voters who helped deliver President Joe Biden the White House in 2020.

Three years later, he is one of the voters who Democrats fear could cost Biden a second term in 2024.

Disappointed by what he sees as Democrats’ lurch to the left, free spending and empty promises, but also turned off by far-right Republicans, Mekonnen says he sees nothing but bad options at the ballot box next year.

“What I’m noticing across the Democratic Party right now is there’s a lot of pandering to the Black community,” he said. “It seems like they do a lot to try to make it seem like they are the party for young Black men or Black men as a whole, but they don’t back it with anything. They don’t follow through.”

Democrats’ focus on LGBTQ and abortion rights leaves voters like Mekonnen feeling alienated.

“I’m probably getting turned away from the left, just because the Democrats are turning more left in my books,” he said, adding he wished Democrats spent more time on the economy.

Polls and Reuters interviews show younger Black voters and Black men of all ages are losing their faith in Democrats, Biden and perhaps even the political process, just three years after the U.S.’s biggest protests for racial justice and civil rights in a generation.

“Protests” – in fact, riots – which did nothing but increase the black murder rate.

It helped black criminals, I guess, because now they can rob with impunity. But I’m pretty sure those people do not bother voting at all.

The vast majority of Black voters, including men, are still expected to choose Biden over a Republican.

But the question for Democrats is whether disillusioned Black voters will turn out to the polls in large enough numbers in crucial cities, from Philadelphia to Atlanta, Milwaukee and Detroit to keep Biden in the White House.

Some Democrats have also been disturbed by recent polls showing that some Black voters are defecting to Republicans.

One in five Black people under the age of 50 voted Republican in the 2022 midterms, roughly double the number of their elders, according to a previously unreported analysis of exit polling data by HIT Strategies, a public opinion research firm aligned with Democrats that routinely surveys Black Americans. Black men and women under the age of 50 voted Republican in similar numbers, the poll showed.

Republican Donald Trump’s 12% share of the Black vote in 2020 was four percentage points higher than it was in 2016, according to exit polls by Edison Research.

And remember – it was a fake election.

A Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted July 11-17 found 18% of Black Americans would pick Trump over Biden in a hypothetical matchup, compared to 46% who favored Biden, including about one in four Black men, compared to about one in seven Black women.

Compared with Black women, Black men were more likely to say they would back a presidential candidate that supported abortion restrictions and increased police funding to fight crime.

Honestly, it’s surprising it took this long.

Donald Trump said from the beginning that he wasn’t going to mess with the black entitlements, and was going to balance the budget by ending wars and stopping immigration.

The only reason blacks voted Democrat in the first place was that the Democrats were giving them all this free stuff, so if the Republicans say “yeah, okay, well – you can keep your free stuff,” then blacks are literally just voting for child anal and women controlling everything.

They’re also voting for mass immigration, which means being displaced in their own neighborhoods.

The problem is, black people are stupid. Therefore, I still think Republicans pandering to them is totally retarded, even though I understand the logic.

The issue is, the logic would only make sense if black people were not stupid. Going from 5% of the black vote to 25% of the black vote doesn’t really do anything.

Steve Bannon is a fat drunken Irish moron and a Jew lover. The fact that he was able to convince Trump to go all-in on the blacks, while leaving whites feeling abandoned, is a real travesty.

Of course, Trump would have lost either way because it was a fake election with mail-in ballots.