Greasy Jews Claim They “Thwarted Hezbollah Attack”… in Brazil!

Hasan Nasrallah in front of a based Nazi-style shahadda


It’s me, Andrew.

I forgot to write about a sort of big thing a few days ago. On the 3rd, the leader of Hezbollah, Hasan Nasrallah, gave a speech about Israel. It was sort of important before it happened, because people thought he was going to declare war on Israel. He didn’t, and the relevance of it after the fact was the fact that he didn’t. He’s supposed to give another speech this Saturday, which is sort of weird. I think people were really mad he didn’t declare war, and he was like “okay well, I’ll say something harsher.”

Personally, I’m not mad. Or, not super mad. The calculus he made is the same as mine: Israel is staging a show – a tank-only ground invasion with no infantry at all – and then they’re going to deescalate.

That is to say: Israel is not going to try to wipe out Hamas, and therefore there is no reason for Lebanon to blow their load. It’s better they chill. They’ve gotten a lot of great publicity over this war, and Nasrallah is going to have a chance to strengthen his forces bigly in the coming weeks and months, and it’s better to save his strength for the big one.

Hassan is wearing baggy robes as a fake-out. He’s actually jacked.

This gets into poker game type shit, right? He is calling Israel’s bluff by not declaring war. If he did declare war, it would result in Israel raising the stakes, and it would mean more destruction than Israel is currently planning. There is also a series of events that would involve US Marines being sent in, which no one in the Moslem world wants just now.

Presumably – and this is purely a presumption, but it is the thing which is presumed – there are cases where Russia gives intelligence to Islamic countries through backchannels. Iran has some of its own intelligence, but Russia has good, serious intelligence. Further: I think I’m right about deescalation, I said it weeks ago and everything I supposed was going to happen happened as I supposed it would. It doesn’t make sense for either side to escalate right now. Both sides want time to get their ducks in a row. Perhaps they will get their goats in a row. (I think ducks are kosher/halal, right? I think all birds are, but ducks are a kind of water bird, which is why I wonder. I’ve also never had duck at an Islamic restaurant, and I always order duck if it’s on the menu.)

If the calculus changes, and it does look like Israel is actually going to totally clear out Gaza, then yes, he has a responsibility to up the ante.

Anyway, sorry for forgetting about all that. I guess now is as good a time as any to break the news, because there is really no “right time” to say something like this: I have a brain tumor.

Anyway, here’s some really weird bullshit.


The Israeli government has claimed that Mossad helped Brazilian security services and other agencies foil a planned terrorist attack on Jewish targets in the South American country, leading to the bust of a local cell linked to Hezbollah.

“Mossad thanks the security forces in Brazil for the arrest of a terrorist cell that acted on behalf of the terrorist organization Hezbollah to carry out an attack against Israeli and Jewish targets in the country,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office said in a statement on Wednesday.

Come on.

Calling Hamas a terrorist organization is a massive stretch, but calling Hezbollah that is just absurd.

Obviously, Israel is going to demonize them, but the Jews demonize Russia without referring to their military as a “terrorist organization” (at least not in official statements).

Jews are hysterical and they are so fragile. Everything is some kind of fervorous mania with these people. They act like histrionic women.

Brazilian authorities arrested two unidentified people on terrorism charges in Sao Paulo, according to a statement by Brazil’s Federal Police, which made no mention of Hezbollah, Mossad or Israel.



They also executed 11 search and seizure warrants in Sao Paulo, Brasilia and Minas Gerais states. Police said the crackdown aimed to prevent a terrorist attack and investigate the possible recruitment of Brazilians to carry out such plots in the country.

Suspects charged under Brazil’s terrorism law are held without bail pending trial and are ineligible for pardons, amnesty or leniency, police said. Individuals convicted of planning terrorist attacks can be sentenced to up to 15 and a half years in prison.

The Israeli government blamed Iran for directing and financing the planned attacks and claimed the Brazilian cell was part of a wide network of Hezbollah-linked operatives across the world.

“These days, against the background of the war in Gaza against the terrorist organization Hamas, the terrorist organization Hezbollah and the Iranian regime continue to operate around the world to carry out attacks against Israeli, Jewish and Western targets,” Netanyahu’s office said.

See, Iran gets called “a regime” – not a “terrorist organization.”

However, the Jews at the US State Department put the Revolutionary Guard on the terrorist list.

The Jews are wholly unreasonable people.

It’s not clear what’s going on here in Brazil. Moslems planning some kind of attack on Jews in Brazil is not a huge surprise. The Jews have effectively declared total war on all Moslems. It’s actually shocking that they are not responding everywhere.

Obviously, this is likely to include killing whites in America and Europe. I certainly hope that doesn’t happen, but I also don’t know what people think is going on here, exactly. White countries flooded themselves with Moslems while at the same time supporting Israel, a Jew state fundamentally opposed to basic Islam.

I condemn terrorism and I condemn violence generally. I agree with the Chinese: violence is not a good way to solve problems. However, you look at the funding of Israel, the “unconditional support” that Biden and the Europeans are declaring for mass child murder, then you look at all these Moslems in our countries, and it’s like: “Okay, is no one doing the math here?”

If this planned attack was real – and again, it’s possible that it was and it’s also possible that it wasn’t – then I’m glad the Brazilian authorities prevented it. People should prevent violence whenever possible.

However, it’s possible that Israel is just making up the claim that Mossad was involved. It’s also possible Mossad was involved, in which case, Israeli intelligence is still operating in Brazil. It seems like that would be offensive.

It’s something sensitive to Latin Americans, typically, because a lot of Nazis went to Latin America after the war, and Israel did assassinations and kidnappings there. Of course, all this was done with the US playing big brother, defending Israel’s right to conduct unauthorized murder and kidnapping in sovereign nations.

Adolf Eichmann was kidnapped by the Jews in Argentina, in total violation of basic international law, and dragged to Israel to be hanged like a common street rapist (for those who do not understand, men who wore military uniforms are supposed to be executed by firing squad, and all of the Nazis were hanged, even as they demanded firing squads)

Brazil is basically aligned with the East at this point. I’m not a full backer of Lula, of course, but I am generally supportive of his foreign policy, or at least his ostensible foreign policy. I would think that the statement by Israel that the Mossad is operating in Brazil would warrant a response from Lula, either confirming or denying this claim.

I think everyone understands that the Jews operate a global intelligence network, at least everywhere outside of the Sinosphere, Russia, and some of the Islamic states (nb4 “the Jewish network is active in all those places too” – yes, but to a significantly lesser extent). But even though we all know, the Jews are not supposed to publicly announce this. It’s humiliating to Brazil.

Even if the supposed planned attack was real and Israel was involved, there is no way to prove it was linked to Hezbollah.